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5 Awesome Lists of WeChat Official Account

Last Updated on April 15, 2014

On Jan. 23rd and May. 17th , we have talked about WeChat (WeiXin), and explain how exactly marketing on this platform is working:

In case you have missed them:

Today, we would like to recommend 5 awesome WeChat official accounts to you, and let you better understand what is it possible to do with Wechat:

1.McDonald’s -麦当劳

Let’s start with a world famous chain restaurants brand


McDonald’s WeChat is obviously used for CRM – or should we say branding in a more proper way.


Using API, McDonald’s customized the menu. They present the latest event, colleague stories and only a small part of promotions – Happy Meal and Special Toys.


McDonalds introduce their famous Happy Meal on WeChat.

2. is a restaurant booking service website, by calling the service telephone or order online, you can book a table in all affiliated restaurants.


They don’t use API to code any funny stuff, but they do have some very creative service. Can you imagine that you could book a restaurant by sending a voice message to them?

How to use social network as a booking tool? Pretty awesome idea.


I’m not sure you can read it, let us help you:

Step 1: Send a voice message, including the restaurant you want to book, what time, how many peoples, mobile number and name.

Step 2: WeChat customer service will book it for you.

Step 3: After successfully booking, you will receive a confirmation message and you can resend it to your friends as an invitation.

Advantage of booking by WeChat:

  1. Booking a restaurant in 1 sentence, faster and convenience. All the restaurants in China are available.
  2. Discount and integration of WeChat booking, periodical gifts.”

It sounds a little magical, how they make it happen? After you send your voice message to them, Customer Service will read the message and book the restaurant for you, after what, you will receive a confirmation message.

3. QQ Movie Ticket

The next one is QQ Movie Ticket, an official account operated by QQ self.


QQ Movie Ticket allows its customers to check latest released movies, theater schedules and book tickets.


The first step will be to set you city, after what you will be able to quickly check the movies now playing, and obviously the schedule. Pick up the movie you plan to watch, and order tickets online directly on WeChat, it’s that simple.

4. Watsons

This one is quite cool; let’s have a full review of it.


Watson’s, if you never heard about it, is the largest health care and beauty care chain store in Asia.

So what make the Weixin (Wechat) account of Watsons so unique?

Watsons offers a special VIP card on WeChat. A virtual VIP card, no need to carry it into your wallet anymore, or to forget it at home.

After following Watson’s official account, you will have the possibility to interact with them. By sending “2” at any time, you will have your own VIP card – without any annoying registration.


Below your card, you can see in a second all the coupons you can enjoy. Just show your phone to the cashier and voila.


An other cool feature, the store location!

Based on WeChat API and LBS, you can find the nearest store by sending your current location. And, find the latest promotions related to the store by clicking on the customized menu. Awesome, right?

5. Sekkei Studio

Ok, the last one we want to present to you is our official account.


After you add us, you will receive a designed picture. Reply one of the numbers in the picture; and you will receive an unusual story.


Add us as friend on WeChat by scanning the QR Code below,


As you saw through this blog post, WeChat (Weixin) is NOT just about instant messaging. The features offer by Tencent are quite impressive and powerful. Like a famous brand said it before us: “Power Is Nothing Without Control”.

WeChat recently open its last feature: online payment. We will soon explain it to you in details.

Sekkei Studio is your digital agency in Shanghai. Because we love Internet, we are always aware of the latest e-marketing strategy. Do not hesitate to contact us to start your WeChat marketing. We are always willing to help your business growth. Michael will be pleased to take care of social network strategy!


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  1. Great and informative. Gives alot of good ideas what WeChat is capable of with some additional programming. I’m going to go back and read the other articles you posted right now.

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