Top 9 trade fairs in China

9 Trade Fairs in China Every Brand Must Attend This 2024

Attending trade fairs in China can appear especially daunting for international brands attempting to enter the local market. However, with key industry players in attendance, these events can help generate interest in your company and even lead you to find potential domestic partners within the Chinese business scene.

And with over 1.1 billion foreign companies registered in the local market, trade shows in China open new opportunities for your brand to stand out among the crowd. In this post, we’ll walk you through some events you wouldn’t want to miss next year.


Who Typically Attends China Trade Fairs?

Besides exhibitors of the event, most Chinese trade fairs are typically attended by big and small buyers worldwide, government officials, media people, and hundreds of thousands of business representatives.

The type of attendees may vary at each trade fair, mainly because these events often happen in different places. If it’s an international trade fair, most participants may come from major cities like Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou.


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Meanwhile, regional fairs may attract a more local audience. However, it doesn’t mean it lacks business opportunities for new brands trying to enter the Chinese market. In fact, these events are an ideal platform to connect with more nuanced buyers and companies.

Unlike international trade shows in the West, these events have an overwhelming number of domestic speakers. So, if you want to connect with potential business partners more effectively, we suggest bringing or sending a representative who’s also proficient in speaking Chinese.


9 Trade Fairs in China Every Foreign Brand Should Attend in 2024

1.    The Canton Fair (China Import and Export Fair)

Most people know the Canton Fair as the China Import and Export Fair. It’s an exhibition that happens in three phases within the course of the year, featuring consumer goods like electronics, household items, fashion clothing, and more.

You may not know, but it’s widely known to be the largest trade fair in the Chinese market. In 2023, this China import and export fair attracted around 660,000 visitors during the concurrent events that happened in Spring and Fall seasons.


Canton Fair key figures 2023


According to post-event reports, approximately 35,000 exhibitors are at the China Import and Export Fair. On top of that, over 73% of the foreign companies participating in this trade show are from the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) countries like Italy and  El Salvador.

Among the tens of thousands of attendees, nearly 58,000 participants are foreign buyers. The presence of companies from different industries has led the event to amass $25.1 billion in transaction agreements.


Canton Fair China website homepage


What date is the Canton Fair in 2024?

It was announced that the 135th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) will commence on April 15, 2024. As always, this exhibition will occur in three phases. The first one is from April 15 to 19, the second event is from April 23 to 27, and the last schedule is around May 1 to 5.

Where is the location of the Canton Fair?

According to the event website, the largest trade fair will happen in Guangzhou, Canton Fair Complex, China. This venue has been a traditional location for the Canton Fair, known for its extensive facilities and capacity to host many exhibitors and attendees from around the globe.


2.    Yiwu International Commodities Fair

The Yiwu International Commodities Fair started in 1995 and is typically hosted by several prominent Chinese government bodies, such as the Ministry of Commerce and the People’s Government of Zhejiang Province.

Since its inception, the trade fair has continuously grown in scale, exhibitors, and products. It’s considered a primary platform for overseas daily consumer goods to break into the Chinese market.


Yiwu International commodities fair key figures 2023


Last October, the Yiwu International Commodities Fair recorded a visitor count of around 200,000 people. Among the trade fair participants, 3,600 of them are international businesses. These foreign brands come from 81 different countries.

While the numbers for this year’s international trade fair haven’t been released yet, the business activities within this event have helped $70 billion worth of goods get sold in 2022.


Yiwu Fair China website homepage


What is Yiwu China famous for?

This event is particularly significant as it’s China’s first UFI-certified trade fair for imported consumer goods, encompassing various products like household articles, beauty & personal care, food & beverages, and more.

On top of that,  ​the Yiwu fair has received awards for being one of the “Best Management Fairs in China” and “Most Influential Brand Fairs.”​

When and Where is the Yiwu Fair happening?

The 2024 export commodity fair is scheduled from October 21 to 24 at the Yiwu International Expo Center in Yiwu, China.


3.    East China Import and Export Commodity Fair

As an event attended by hundreds of thousands of people for over ten years, many industry players and businesses consider ECF the largest regional international economic and trade show in China.

It’s organized by nine provinces and municipalities, including Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and others, making it a perfect avenue to generate leads and tap into regional audiences.

When attending the East China Fair, you can expect to find business partners and buyers from sectors offering commodities like home appliances, textiles, cosmetics, art materials, and furniture.


East China import export commodity fair key figures 2023


This exhibition is mainly sponsored by the local government, allowing it to attract more than 37,000 professional buyers from different industries. Like most trade fairs in China, this crowd is a mix of people from 119 foreign countries and regional areas.

Out of the 3,299 exhibitors in the East China Fair in 2023, 234 companies are from the international market. The exhibition was an enormous success, garnering $2.3 billion in trade volume.


East China Fair website homepage


What date is the East China Import and Export Commodity Fair in 2024?

The 32nd East China Import and Export Commodity Fair (ECF) is set to commence on March 1 to 4 in 2024. According to the trade fair management, the event will host approximately 6,500 booths over a venue area of 126,000 square meters.

Where is the location of the 2024 East China Import and Export Commodity Fair?

The 2024 East China Import and Export Commodity Fair (ECF) will be held at the New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) in Shanghai, China.


4.    China Electronics Exhibition

Among the China trade fairs on this list, this is the sole event mainly focused on the ICT industry. Companies all over the world attend these shows to showcase the latest advancements and products in the electronics field.

Besides electronics, the trade show highlights components in key technological areas like 5G, the Industrial Internet, intelligent manufacturing, new energy vehicles, big data, artificial intelligence, and information security.


China Electronics Exhibition key figures 2023


Through this trade fair, you’ll be able to connect with over 1,300 participating exhibitors and 60,000 buyers from different industries and countries.

This highly specialized trade show allows professional buyers to find their niche in the exhibition directly. It’s highly beneficial for foreign brands targeting specific electronics market segments​.


China Electronics Exhibition website homepage


What date is the 2024 China Electronics Exhibition?

The Shanghai edition of the China Electronics Fair intends to have an autumn session, scheduling the event in November 2024. Meanwhile, CEF Shenzhen 2024 will have a spring session and commence on April 9, 2024.

Where is the location of the 2024 China Electronics Exhibition?

Trade fair participants can attend the CEF Shenzhen 2024 at the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center. On the other hand, CEF Shanghai 2024 is set to be held at Shanghai New International Expo Center.


5.    Bauma China Exhibition

The Bauma China Exhibition is one of the country’s longest-running and most important automotive fairs. Besides business activities, many foreigners head to this event because it is an excellent place to source vehicles.

Unlike most trade fairs that highlight typical consumer goods, the Bauma Fair is officially known as the go-to source for construction machinery, building material machines, mining equipment, construction vehicles, and many more.

It also focuses on Chinese industry leaders, pooling innovations in the construction machinery industry.


BAUMA China key figures 2023


Over the years that this trade fair has been active in China, more buyers have become interested in this event. It has been postponed to 2024, but the previous shows have garnered 212,500 visitors and helped 3,350 exhibitors reach their target market.

The construction machinery trade fair participants are from 38 countries and regions. Besides China, the top foreign markets in search of building materials for construction vehicles at Bauma Fair are Korea, Russia, Singapore, and Japan.


BAUMA China website homepage


What date is the Bauma Trade Shows in 2024?

The Bauma Trade Show in 2024 will commence from  November 26 to November 29 after its postponement in 2022. It’s worth noting that trade shows like these only happen once every two years.

Where is the location of the 2024 Bauma China Fair?

Like most of the major trade fairs we mentioned, the 2024 Bauma China Exhibition will be held at the New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) in Shanghai.


6.    China-ASEAN Expo

The China-ASEAN Expo is not like typical trade fairs in the local market. It marks the anniversary of the strategic partnership between China and ASEAN, serving as a key platform for enhancing bilateral economic ties.

Typically, the fair is attended by high-level officials from China and ASEAN countries, underscoring its diplomatic and economic significance.

The Expo has evolved beyond traditional trade and investment to sectors like the digital products, health, tourism, and education.


China-ASEAN Expo key figures 2023


This expo presents an important business opportunity, regardless of your target industry. With more than 40 participating countries and nearly 1,700 exhibitors, not only will foreign marketers find potential business partners, but it’ll also give them insights into regional market trends and consumer preferences.


China-ASEAN Expo website homepage


What date is the China-ASEAN Expo in 2024?

The China-ASEAN Expo 2024 is scheduled to take place in September 2024. It’s an event annually organized by the CAEXPO Secretariat.

Where is the location of the 2024 China-ASEAN Expo?

The 2024 China-ASEAN Expo (CAEXPO) will be held at the Nanning International Convention & Exhibition Center.


7.    China International Industry Fair (CIIF)

Established in 1999, CIIF has become one of China’s most influential industrial fairs. It provides foreign brands a platform to showcase their products and technologies to a large and diverse audience, including potential partners, customers, and investors.

Although CIIF is known for highlighting innovation, these types of trade fairs often involve discussions on regulatory frameworks and policies in the local market. In fact, the theme for 2023 was “Digital Economy & Industrial Decarbonization.”


China International Industry Fair (CIIF) key figures 2023


The 2023 edition of the China International Industry Fair (CIIF) showcased an impressive participation of over 2,600 exhibitors from over 27 countries and regions. This expansive event attracted a significant number of trade visitors, totaling around 200,000, reflecting its status as a central hub for international industry and trade.


China International Industry Fair (CIIF) website homepage


When and where will the China International Industry Fair (CIIF) be held in 2024?

The 2024 China International Industry Fair (CIIF) is set to occur from the 24th to the 28th of September. The event will be hosted at NECC in Shanghai, China.


8.    China International Import Expo

Another international event happening in one of the most major cities in the Chinese market that foreign brands must not miss is the China International Import Expo. It facilitates direct interactions with potential partners, which is crucial for establishing business relationships and striking deals.

Rather than the typical trade fair setting, CIIE opens doors for a blend of exhibition, policy insights, networking, and market intelligence.


China International Import Expo key figures 2023


The 2023 CIIE witnessed substantial business deals. In the first two days alone, deals worth RMB 10 billion (approximately US$1.38 billion) were closed. On top of that, the expo attracted 289 Fortune 500 companies and industry leaders from around the world, with about 3,400 participating exhibitors.

These brands are from 128 countries and regions that showcased 442 new products, technologies, and services within the span of the said trading fair.


China International Import Expo website homepage


When and where will the CIIE happen in 2024?

The 2024 CIIE is set for November 5 to 10. You’ll find this trade show at the National Exhibition and Convention Centre in the vibrant city of Shanghai, China.


9.    Beijing International Automotive Exhibition (Auto China)

If your brand involves vehicle-related products and services, you wouldn’t want to skip one of the most important automotive fairs in China.

Not only is the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition an excellent place to source vehicles, but you can utilize this chance to exchange information about the latest market trends and consumer preferences.

The exhibition has taken place every other year since 1990, and it switches between Beijing and Shanghai each time.


Beijing International Automotive Exhibition key figures 2023


As one of China’s oldest trade fairs, many people call it Auto China. It typically attracts a large audience, with a minimum attendance of up to 56,000 people.

The pandemic may have impacted this trade show at some point, but it still managed to gather more than 1,200 exhibitors from 14 countries in 2020. Besides that, the Beijing International Auto Trade Show also attracted over 530,000 visitors in the same year.


Beijing International Automotive Exhibition website homepage


What date is the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition?

This highly anticipated trade show is slated to run from April 25th through May 4th, 2024, offering an extensive ten-day window for automotive enthusiasts and industry professionals alike.

Where is the location of the 2024 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition?

The venue for Auto China 2024 is the renowned China International Exhibition Center (CIEC) in Beijing. It’s expected to draw a diverse and vibrant crowd eager to witness the latest advancements and trends in the automotive world.


Why Should You Attend Trade Shows in China?

●     Keeping up with the Latest Trends

Admit it or not, many foreigners head to local China trade fairs to receive and exchange information about the field you plan to enter. It’s also a chance to discover new technologies, understand emerging manufacturing processes, and explore recent product developments in your niche.

You can also use this opportunity to observe your competitors. This dual benefit of gaining knowledge and understanding competitive strategies can significantly enhance your position in the market, giving you a distinct advantage.


●     Networking with other Businesses

These trade fairs are a great way to connect with key players in your target market. These events bring together potential manufacturers, suppliers, and business partners under one roof.

Thanks to this setting, you can forge new connections, which can be instrumental in growing your business and boosting your profits.


●     Marketing Your Offerings

Foreign marketers like you can use these trade shows as the perfect stage to present your products and services to a local audience. Most fairs allow you to exhibit your offerings, hand out samples, and share promotional materials.

Additionally, they provide an excellent opportunity to debut new products, gather leads, and receive valuable feedback on your offerings.




How To Prepare When Attending Top China Trade Fairs

Before heading to China, it’s crucial to plan your visit thoroughly. Check the dates and venue of the fair, and sort out your travel details like accommodation and transportation early, as they tend to fill up fast. If you’re attending multiple fairs, allocate enough time for each. Do a quick research in advance and draft a visit schedule for the booths you’re interested in.

Familiarize yourself with the local business culture. Learn the nuances of exchanging business cards, negotiation tactics, and other professional interactions.

While English is common in large cities, knowing basic Mandarin can be a huge advantage. Simple greetings and expressions of gratitude can enhance your interactions and relationship-building efforts with those who may not be fluent in English.


Quick Q&A

How many people go to the China trade fairs every year?

The top 5 trading events in China, which include the Canton Fair, Yiwu Trade Fair, Beijing Auto Show, the Bauma Fair, and the Shanghai Import and Export Commodity Fair, typically attract over 200,000 people each session.

What are China’s major import commodities?

China is the top global importer of soybeans and meat and ranks prominently in importing dairy products, wine, and other food and beverages.


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