Why B2B Businesses Should Leverage the Power of Marketing Automation

Why B2B Businesses Should Leverage the Power of Marketing Automation

Last Updated on May 10, 2024

In the age of personalization, businesses must always make sure to tailor their messages to suit different personas and targeted consumers. For B2B businesses in the China market, the spread of digital channels and devices can make it difficult for B2B marketers to accurately target users with the right messages.

However, through using a variety of marketing strategies and automation tools, B2B marketers can automate anything between segmented email delivery and managing omni-channel marketing campaigns. It’s important to have a good understanding of B2B marketing automation, and what the key benefits are before you begin comparing the different tools. Today, we’ll make sure you have all the info you need to get started.


What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation is the use of software and web-based services to execute, manage and automate marketing tasks and processes. In a nutshell, marketing automation software allows businesses to use purpose-built software and applications geared toward maximizing performance. Examples include creating emails, scheduling social media posts along with various other website actions.




Benefits of Marketing Automation for B2B Businesses in China

  • Ability to nurture leads on autopilot: Some B2B sites tend to require user information before the customer can view what the site has to offer. This can lead to gathering important consumer information, but business can lose a lot of potential customers through this method. Some do not want to talk to a salesperson or disclose information until they are satisfied and ready to make an inquiry or purchase. A well-configured marketing automation system can build relationships 24/7 by providing help and advice to your potential customers. By understanding exactly what they do and what they want from your business while reacting accordingly. Lastly, by helping them solve their problem rather than pushing our product, you build long-term trust.
  • Opportunity to extend the customer lifetime value: One of the most important metrics in marketing that is often not thought about is the consumer lifetime value. By following up on a purchase and offering the customer more value without additional charge, businesses are able to create a rich experience that can lead to additional sales in the future. Marketing automation systems can be programmed to make the smallest value-added gestures automatically. Gestures such as educating the customer about the next big purchase they need to make, cross-selling related services or to offer recommendations based on their clicks.
  • Chance to make marketing scalable: Marketing automation can lead to scalability especially with content marketing. The more you spend in developing quality content, the greater the results will be. Once you have a solid automated marketing campaign established, you can easily build on top of it. Automated campaigns can build upon each other and can run automatically 24 hours a day. Furthermore, when a marketing automation system is in place you can see the customer engagement at every stage. Over time, measuring the effectiveness of every element within each of your campaigns for necessary adjustments.


Adding value with closed-loop automation

Put simply, closed-loop automation means making sure that your business connects all of the dots when it comes to the data between the marketing automation system and data from the sales team, which is often coming from a CRM. The value of this marketing step should not be overlooked. It is one of the most powerful tools that B2B businesses can take advantage of. It helps businesses get valuable insights on website pages that visitors viewed before they converted into leads or customers. These insights can then be applied to improve poorly performing web pages and enhance different marketing tactics such as nurturing campaigns. In order to get this established, you need to be able to map marketing activities to sales by utilizing both marketing and CRM software.


Tools needed for closed-loop marketing

  • Marketing software tools: Software such as Hubspot or Pardot keeps all of your marketing data stored and makes it actionable. It gives you all the information that you need to optimize your marketing campaign and enable lead conversions.


\"Marketing Pardot


\"Marketing Hubspot


  • Social CRM software: A social CRM tool such as WeChat will organize, automate, and sync your customer data. This will allow your sales activities, marketing, and customer support team to all be on the same page. A social CRM platform can also make it easy to identify and reward loyal customers.

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  • Email marketing tools: Customers segmentation based on demographic or interest and tailor different messages to them.


\"Email Mailchimp


  • Social media planning tools: Tools like KAWO or Hootsuite allow you to curate the right content, schedule posts, and measure your ROI. It allows you to monitor new followers and likes, monitoring multiple accounts and different kinds of interactions.


\"Social Hootsuite


\"Social Kawo


Seamless integrating marketing automation tools

Having a bunch of marketing automation tools may seem overwhelming, but all of these tools can be linked to work seamlessly together with each other. Your CRM and marketing software will be able to communicate with each other through an application programming interface (API). For example, when you are able to make a sale or have a successful email campaign in your CRM, the API will trigger an update in the marketing software. You will be able to have a full overview of your entire marketing journey.


There are many B2B businesses automation platforms out there, each with its own unique features and focus. Working with a digital agency can help you identify the exact tools that are suitable for your business and Sekkei Studio is here to help you with the heavy lifting.


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