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Generate high-quality leads and conversions and increase your brand awareness through Baidu advertising. Gain an edge over your competitors with powerful ad campaigns that comply with the laws in China and resonate with potential consumers.

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You must have a strong presence on China’s number one search engine Baidu, to broadcast your brand and get your name out there in China. If you’re unfamiliar with it, it’s the equivalent of Google. The best way to make your presence felt on this search engine is by having cutting-edge marketing strategies, one of which is advertising campaigns.

While anyone can run PPC advertisements on Baidu, only those with expert knowledge of the platform can ensure strong brand awareness. It takes a deep understanding and experience of advertising on Baidu to ensure campaigns create conversions. After all, there are so many rules and regulations to abide by. Not to mention prohibited areas and required in-depth knowledge of your competitors and laws within China. It’s a lot more complex than Google.

Accounts opening

Avoid any roadblocks and eradicate any time constraints. When you work with Sekkei Digital Group, we take charge of setting up your Baidu accounts ad and deal with any issues that may arise. Using Baidu Ads is far more complex than other Western search engines, such as Google. There are many things to consider, such as a Chinese business license and an ICP license.
Let us worry about those issues so that you can use that time to focus on other essential aspects of your brand.


When you work with us, we ensure your advertising account with Baidu is set up as quickly as possible, meeting all of the necessary requirements.
Baidu Search has many regulations in place, and some industries cannot showcase their landing page on the platform. If this is the case, we will take control and build the page for you in Baidu’s H5 builder, ensuring it passes the vetting process and showcases your brand perfectly.

Strategy planning

We penetrate Baidu by having a specific and competitive strategy. We help you make your ads more visible and beat the competition, by running extensive market analysis, competitive analysis, keyword analysis, and more. Our specialists also define your campaign, demographic, geo-target your ads, and work with you to address your budget allocation.

Daily monitoring

Focus on other business areas and increase your visibility at the same time. Our team tracks the success of your ads by running daily monitoring reports and analysis. We look at how to increase your exposure by expanding your keywords, reallocating your budget, and revising bidding methods to optimize your presence on Baidu.

We Handle It All

On Baidu, we streamline all operations’ administration, analysis, and marketing. We start with a consultation on your account opening and review the scope of work before advertising. During this time, we look to see if Jimuyu is required and any documents that might be required.

Once done, we will send your account for approval and start the setup. We work with you to create a solid strategy based on extensive market and keyword research when set up. As soon as the ads are live, we monitor them daily and look for new ways to optimize them. We will provide you with weekly updates on setting up, running, and optimization.

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Baidu Advertising is a powerful tool in the Chinese marketing arsenal. When used effectively, it can elevate a product or brand to eye-watering levels of exposure.

To operate a successful marketing campaign in China, you will need to adapt to the nuances of the marketplace. As part of your strategy, you should consider using Baidu Ads.

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Moxa reached out to Sekkei Digital Group to take over their Baidu SEM account and help them create a new campaign strategy that would attract more leads and increase conversion rates. The first thing we wanted to focus on was optimizing the entire account while also focusing most of our attention on some necessary basic setup works that we had identified as missing.

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