Baidu Advertising: How to Setup Baidu In-feed Ads

Brands rely on Baidu native advertising more and more because it creates a level of trust and drives engagement in a way that blends in with the user experience. Baidu still maintains the largest market share when it comes to search and native ads follow the form and function of Baidu at the core. When it comes to this type of advertising, Baidu in-feed ads are one of the most effective forms of native ads to reach your audience in China. Inserted seamlessly into the feed of one its products, these adverts take on the look and feel of regular posts – driving conversions in the long run. When Chinese consumers feel personally connected to an advertisement they are more likely to buy your business.


What are in-feed Ads in Baidu Advertising?

Ads are blended in with organic content and displayed in Baidu products, such as the Baidu mobile app, Baidu mobile home page and Baidu Forum. Baidu in-feed ads are a good option for brands that want to build awareness and clicks to their website.

It is very helpful for reaching a more targeted audience who may not be aware of your product or service. One of biggest benefits of using Baidu in-feed ads is that Baidu track the behavior of its users very accurately. It tracks what sites users’ visit, what search terms they are most likely to use and what they say on social media platforms. This information is used to build detailed user profiles, so your ads can target exactly the right audience at the right time.

More importantly, Baidu in-feed ads come with CPM and CPC options. CPM are normally cheaper than search advertising while still having the ability to create a massive amount of brand exposure to the public.


Types of In-feed Ads in Baidu Advertising

1. Baidu App




The Baidu App uses AI-powered algorithms to offer deep user insights through a wide range of features, including feed display, short videos, and smart mini programs, enhanced voice input, text to speech and augmented reality search.

Your ads will appear in the information flow section on the Baidu app.


2. Baidu Tieba



Baidu Tieba is a china social media platform that builds online communities based on interests. Users can post text, image, audio and video content to create insightful discussion groups.

Your ads will show up in the post bar recommendation streams and post streams.


3. Mobile Web Page Version of Baidu Homepage




Your ads will appear in the Baidu homepage recommendation streams on the mobile version.


4. Baidu Browser



Your ads will appear in the recommendation streams on the Baidu Browser homepage.


How to Set up a Baidu Advertising Account?

Setting up a Baidu account is the first initial step to paid marketing campaigns on Baidu. Baidu is very strict with the application process to ensure that all businesses’ that are based outside of China are legitimate.

It’s also important not to dive head first into Baidu advertising without a clear strategy. You should have a good estimate of the volume of impressions you would likely receive. Baidu’s Keyword Planner is a good place to start to get insights on estimated cost-per-click and your competition.

However, setting up a Baidu advertiser account can be complex and it is often more beneficial to partner with an agency or set up your account directly with a major Baidu branch. You’ll need to have the following documents translated into simplified Chinese, including:

  1. Business license
  2. Latest bank statement
  3. Authorization letter
  4. Website screenshot
  5. Photos of your office building


How to Bid for Baidu Advertising – in-Feed Ad?

Once your account is set-up, you can log into your account and build an ad plan based on your competitor analysis and promotion strategy.


1. Set up the basic information for your ad campaign.




You need to fill out basic information such as budget, date and the allocated time period for your promotion.


2. Set-up a campaign name for your ad.




As your campaign grows, it’s important to have a clear name for your promotion strategy. In general, promotions are divided by the streaming platform, products and target audience.


3. Select your campaign type.




This could be to promote the landing page of a website, mobile app download, or store.


4. Campaign daily budget




The budget is usually customized and the proposed budget is set to 20% higher than the estimated budget. Baidu will quote a price according to the existing price strategy.


5. Choose a campaign date & time period according to your campaign strategy.




In order to pick a date with the best outcome, you need to make sure you have a deep understanding of your competitors, which should take place at the initial stages of your advertising strategy.


6. Budget speed control.



Usually when initiating a launch, the data is incomplete and unable to monitor the account in real-time, so its suggested to set it at the standard speed; you can choose to accelerate the speed when you have a larger pool of data in the later stage and monitor the account closely in real-time.


7. After the above information is complete, you can move to the next step and create a unit.




Units are formatted by interests and keywords.


8. Your ad positioning depends on your bid type.




If you have an OCPC bid, then the recommended traffic is okay. If you have a CPC bid, then it’s recommended to customize the browser and paste the bid separately.


9. The orientation setting can be set according to your specific needs.




It’s important to pay special attention to gender, which can be used later to customize your ads even more. It can be difficult to find an appropriate keywords group. We recommend taking advantage of Baidu tools such as search account keywords and Baidu index. After that, you are officially ready to place your campaign bid.


10. Fill in the bidding price.




Regarding bids, it is recommended that the actual bid be higher than the system recommended bid, at a medium to high level. As shown below, the system bid is 0.3, so your bid can be set between 1-1.5.


11. Fill out your brand information and submit the creative material.




12. Submit for approval.


Baidu Advertising Case Study -UNSW Global

UNSW Global is an innovative leader within the education sector and wanted to promote their new Engineering and Science diploma to Chinese high school graduates. Sekkei Studio used a number of elements from Baidu’s advertising environment, including utilizing Baidu in-feed ads to specifically target mobile users based on demographics. UNSW Global was able to accumulate 2.4 million impressions and 46,000 clicks using Baidu advertising.

As more brands start to invest more into their Chinese content marketing strategy, in-feeds advertising will continue becoming a powerful tool to diversify a brands reach. Overall, Baidu ads have the capability to draw customers who have a greater intention to purchase your product or service. At Sekkei Studio, we have a deep understanding of how it all works and we know that the process to start a Baidu ad campaign can be quite troublesome. That’s why we offer customized services to setup and launch your paid advertising campaign in China the right way.


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