Baidu SEO: Green Radish Algorithm’s Update Notification

Last Updated on May 22, 2024

On July 1st , Baidu announced a new notification for its Green Radish Algorithm Update (百度绿萝算法2.0更新公告). The coming update is dedicated to filtering out the websites that have promoted plenty of backlinks thought Press Release. – Not only PR, Q&A’s websites are also concerned (Baidu Zhidao for example).

I know some of you have built backlinks using these SEO techniques on Baidu. Let’s have a first overview of the problem and how to solve it:

  1. Delete the backlinks that you have built – Do you have the whole list, if not, you should start praying.
  2. Change your domain – Fantastic idea!
  3. Bride Baidu – seriously, why don’t you bride them for top rankings?
  4. Hack the websites you have built backlinks – isn’t it illegal?

So, now we define the only potential way to avoid troubles on Baidu, solution 1, disavow the backlinks.

We will be able to clearly see the impact on Baidu SERP soon; waiting for it you should consider the following SEO guidelines as soon as possible:

  • Instead of removing the blacklisted backlinks, you could choose to build more “white backlinks” on Baidu products, such as: Baike, Tieba and etc.

Be noticed that it can be risky on Tieba, be very careful on your content.

  • Try to build high quality PR on news websites, such as Sina, tech2ipo, and those that have high Baidu page rank.
  • Ask the web master to remove your backlinks.
  • The easiest way is to disavow backlinks on Baidu Zhanzhang. I guess you are already using it right? Otherwise open an account if you plan to index your website on Baidu. Here are the steps to follow to disavow a link on Baidu:


Baidu didn’t talk about the links on Social websites; we will keep an eye on it.

It can be easy for a competitor to create blacklisted backlinks to your website. Be careful and keep an eye on Baidu Zhanzhang dashboard.

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