Baidu SEO

Increase Your Brand Exposure

As China’s number one search engine, Baidu is the perfect place to elevate your brand exposure and put it in front of more potential customers. With the right knowledge of SEO practices and execution of custom campaigns we can increase your brand exposure and potential profits.
Baidu SEO services

Baidu SEO Services

Baidu SEO works a little differently than SEO best practices for Google. Several additional factors must be considered, leading to many foreign businesses struggling to gain the exposure they might hope for.

It takes a strong knowledge of the search engine algorithms and laws relating to Chinese content management before any outline can be made for optimization. Compared to Google, the process is different for keyword research and search engine optimization, requiring qualified experts to study and implement them.

At Sekkei Digital Group, our specialists handle all the complexities of search engines and Chinese culture. They smoothly streamline the deliverables into a strategy that organically increase your exposure and attract new customers.

SEO Starter Pack

Baidu search engine optimization can also help you increase your ranking, visibility, and conversions. Sekkei Digital Group will utilize our resources to gather valuable and relevant information about your competitor’s marketing strategies. The Baidu SEO starter pack helps us extract all the relevant information from you about your competitors, goals, objectives, pages to target, and keywords. Based on this, we optimize your existing website or help prepare your new one ready for search engines like Baidu in China.

SEO Campaigns

Target your ideal consumers with a well-structured SEO campaign customized to your business. We will communicate with you directly weekly and monthly, defining pages, keywords, goals, publishing content, and more. This collaborative approach ensures any content created or actions taken meet your requirements. We also review your website, optimizing its code, layout, and structure to ensure it is perfectly optimized for Baidu.

Baidu Keyword Research

Keyword research is an essential aspect of any SEO marketing campaign. When you have an excellent and well thought out keyword database in place, you will find it much easier to discover what your target audience are searching for, and then create content, products, or services that meet those needs.

Competitor Analysis

Discovering competitors using a couple of keywords on Baidu is simple, but it is a manual process that can take up a lot of time.
What if I told you that the Sekkei crawler could find competitors using thousands of keywords, all automatically?
Our program automatically crawls URLs and creates a document for you to review and analyze your competitors.

Onsite SEO Audit & Optimization

As well as creating Baidu search engine optimization content, we will also optimize what is already on your website.
We will identify potential issues, and work with your team to resolve them quickly and easily.

Content Optimization

SDG Baidu SEO Agency is packed with creative writers that develop exciting and insightful content that is perfectly optimized for Baidu.

Baidu Mobile SEO

Optimizing your website for mobile has never been more important, and the mobile wave shows no sign of slowing down. SDG Baidu SEO agency will take the necessary steps to optimize your site on mobile, ensuring it meets all of the Baidu mobile SEO requirements, to ensure you achieve results across all platforms.

Baidu SEO Consulting

Sometimes, you can be too close to something to see the problem. Our team of Baidu SEO service experts can quickly come in and review your current SEO campaign and offer impartial and strategic advice to take your performance to the next level.

Baidu Indexation Improvement

It is not uncommon that a business has plenty of pages indexed through Google, but not many by Baidu. However, rather than sitting scratching your head, trying to understand why, you can utilize the skilled team at Sekkei Digital Group, who has plenty of experience indexing pages on Baidu.

Baidu Penalization Recovery

If you have attempted to keyword stuff or add numerous backlinks, chances are you have received a penalization from Baidu in the past. These penalizations can be crippling, with some websites losing as much as half of their traffic in an instant.
That is why it is so important to work with experts like the ones at Sekkei Digital Group. We know the rules, and we abide by them. We get the most out of Baidu, without overstepping the boundaries.

We Handle It All

We will always keep you in the loop when optimizing your website and content for Baidu SEO. Whether it’s the beginning of a campaign or an introduction to SEO, we provide monthly reports and calls, informing you about your company’s progress. Whatever SEO support you need, we always ensure that the work we undertake aligns with your goals.

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Questions Our Customers ask
about Baidu SEO

To get started with Baidu SEO today, it is important to understand the Baidu SEO Necessities for Websites in China. Once you have established those, get in touch with Sekkei Digital Group today, and allow our experts to help take your brand to the top of the Baidu rankings.

Absolutely! If you try to tackle Baidu SEO on your own, the chances are your company will never reach its full potential in the Chinese marketplace. Or even worse, you may get penalized for your efforts, and find yourself in a worse position than when you started.

When done correctly, a Baidu SEO strategy can significantly increase the amount of organic traffic heading to your website. Each of these new visitors is a new lead, that you can try and turn into a paying customer.

While there is a small number of users in the USA and Japan (0.8% and 0.6% respectively) The majority of Baidu users are based in China and make up 97.3% of the total users.

The main difference between Baidu SEO and Google SEO is the way each website crawls and indexes websites. Baidu is renowned for aggressively crawling websites but takes a different approach when it comes to indexing.

Learn more about Baidu SEO

Baidu, in China, is the mother of all search engines. Despite plucky newcomer rivals like Sogou, Baidu still commands a 70-80% share of the online search market.

SEO (search engine optimization) marketing has, for some time now, been one of the most effective tools in the digital marketer’s toolkit. Learning its ins and outs is simply a must.

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Our aim when linking up with MSD was to help develop their brand awareness and bring more visibility to this exciting company and product, to bring more traffic to the company website. There were two main ways that we planned on achieving this goal: Baidu SEO Starter Pack and Baidu SEO Campaigns, including Content Marketing and Backlinks.

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