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Is big data a marketing myth?

Last Updated on June 11, 2024

New marketing opportunities brought by Big Data

At Sekkei Studio, what we really focus on is increasing your online presence. We use analytical data everyday to know better those who browse your website, hence increasing user-experience (experts call it “UX”). Everyone talks about big data but just a small part of them is really aware of what it really is, or more precisely what it’s going to bring concretely to engineers, marketers and all kind of businesses stakeholders in the next few years.

You understood that at Sekkei Studio, the office is composed of carefully selected specialists preparing fancy websites, in-house passionate marketing guys focusing on handling custom-made, unique and successful digital strategies for companies such as Porsche, but we also have some skills foreseeing natural evolution of technology; that’s what makes Sekkei Studio a trusted partner of companies such as Dreamworks or Ubisoft. We’ve heard some critics related to this trend consisting in using every popular terms like Big Data or Cloud computing to any kind of products related to the internet of tomorrow.  What big data really is? No, it’s not just an “advertised” wording brought by IBM or Oracle marketing department (even if it’s been widely used by these leaders of data-related businesses during the last few years).


90% of world’s data has been created in the last 2 years, that’s what Science Daily proudly affirm. Big data gathers thousands of notions meeting common values and concepts. If we have to define it, we would say it’s a large scale process aiming to use data collected for various applications.. Better than unbelievable sentences, just look at that words clouds to better understand what big data is: a concept born through internet expansion and transmission speed increase, involving incredible amount of information, making it quite impossible to treat via normal and traditional ways.

To sum up, every kind of behaviours are getting tracked by some organization. From your online experience to your everyday behavior, everything is stored in what is known as being “data center”, that are incredibly huge building floors full of hard drive with your data inside. The emails you open on your phone are there, as well as the pictures you post on Facebook, but also the number of websites you visited lastweek, etc..  It’s like a huge bag with an infinite number of things inside, impossible to reach with normal tools, and that’s why companies such as Oracle, IBM or SAP have developed lots of ideas, efforts and software to handle that.

 How marketing could be impacted by Big Data?

The question should be turned into how marketing could not be impacted by that. Of course it will, and it already has started.

During the Teradata Partners Conference and Expo in Nashville, it was said that in the next few years, 70% of marketers plan big data implementation.  Big data, if used well, can increase the efficiency of your marketing , can help you to better target your customer, to reach them through much more precision.  Millions of millions information are potentially available, but what you need is something to avoid getting spammed with non-relevant ones, and select only what you really need. To sum up, Big Data will help your marketing if you have the right tool to use it, otherwise it could become a mess, leading you astray.

At Sekkei Studio, we are sure bigdata is not just a marketing myth, or a “distracting bubble”.. It’s here, right in front of us, but we should now pay attention to what kind of insight we can extract from it, and how?

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