ChatGPT vs Baidu ERNIE

ChatGPT vs Baidu Ernie Bot: How Can These Tools Help Your Brand?

Artificial intelligence has taken the world by storm, with over 250 million companies worldwide utilizing this technology for their day-to-day business operations.

Although the Chinese government has barred access to ChatGPT in China, Baidu took center stage and introduced its AI chatbot, Ernie Bot, to the general public as a local alternative.

From its generative AI services to its language proficiency, we’ll take a closer look and compare the features of OpenAI ChatGPT and Baidu Ernie Bot. Which AI language model suits your business needs? Let’s find out!


What can Ernie Bot do?

The search engine giant Baidu introduced the AI chatbot Ernie on March 16, 2023, as a generative AI technology and knowledge-enhanced large language model (LLM).

It’s designed to cater to the needs of the Chinese market, offering tailored solutions through its new AI native apps. These features are a testament to Baidu CEO Robin Li’s vision of pro-innovation and technological advancement.


Baidu logo

Source: Baidu Inc Official


This artificial intelligence technology currently has over 45 million users within the local industry. Its core abilities lie in understanding and responding to natural language queries, offering valuable insights and assistance across various sectors.


Here are some of its key features that will fully open your understanding of this AI technology:

  • Seamlessly works with Baidu’s search engine and other services, enhancing user experience.
  • Highly capable to answer questions, conduct content generation, and provide information based on real-life human feedback.
  • It has several English and Chinese language capabilities with a nuanced grasp of local dialects and idioms.
  • Aligned with local regulations and policies, ensuring suitability for use within China.


How do I access Baidu Ernie Chatbot?

You can download this artificial intelligence tool from various app stores globally and directly from Baidu’s website. And while that seems like a green light for foreign brands, it’s worth noting that its language model is specifically in Chinese.


Baidu Ernie bot home page


Besides that, you’ll also be asked for a valid Chinese number upon registration to access the latest version of this Baidu AI chatbot.


What can ChatGPT do?

Among many AI companies globally, OpenAI began to lead the race when they were given the green light to launch ChatGPT on November 30, 2022. Nowadays, it’s known in the industry as a reliable generative AI technology that excels in answering prompts with human-like responses.

Its generative AI services are versatile, allowing various applications, from creative writing to technical problem-solving.


Open AI logo

Photo by Andrew Neel from Pexels


This global artificial intelligence technology has garnered over a hundred million users in a short span of time, making Ernie Bot lag behind in terms of user base.


Here are its four core abilities that make its content generation superior to others:

  • It can be integrated with search engine platforms like Bing and Google through app extensions.
  • Proficient in multiple languages, with a strong emphasis on English.
  • It is used globally for various purposes, including education, content creation, customer service, and programming assistance.
  • It’s trained through large data sources, providing a broad global knowledge base.


How to use ChatGPT

You can download this AI app from various app stores globally or visit its official website. Unlike the Baidu chatbot, ChatGPT primarily displays the English language on its interface.


ChatGPT chat box


To use ChatGPT, start typing your prompt into the message box on its homepage. After you submit your query, it will generate a response.

Following this, you have several options: input a new prompt to continue the conversation, choose to regenerate the response if you’re looking for a different angle or perspective, or simply copy the answer if you wish to use it elsewhere.


What is the difference between Baidu Ernie Bot and ChatGPT?

1.  Development and Training Data

The training data Ernie Bot uses is tailored to Chinese contexts, supported by Baidu’s extensive data resources. In contrast, ChatGPT is trained on a more diverse, global dataset.

While the latter has a broader scope in terms of global knowledge and application, it may not have the same depth in specific regional nuances when generating information about China’s market.


2.  Language Proficiency

When it comes to language proficiency, Ernie Bot demonstrates a superior capability in processing the Chinese language. It stems from Baidu’s dedicated efforts in developing and refining its local language processing technologies.

Meanwhile, ChatGPT may not reach the same level of proficiency in Chinese as Ernie Bot, particularly in understanding regional dialects and cultural expressions.


3.  Integration with Other Technologies

Integration with existing technologies is another area where these two AI models differ. Ernie Chatbot is deeply integrated within Baidu’s ecosystem. This integration enhances the capabilities of its local search engine and various native AI applications.

On the other hand, ChatGPT is designed for various applications and can be integrated into globally popular platforms like Google.


4.  Policies and Ethical Regulation

Ernie Chatbot is designed following the regulatory frameworks established by the Chinese government. It includes the adherence of Baidu to internet censorship laws, data privacy regulations specific to China, and other guidelines that govern digital services in the country.

In contrast, OpenAI has established policies for content moderation. It ensures absolute user confidentiality, privacy, and safety. Recent ChatGPT updates are also made to reduce biases in its responses, ensuring fairness and neutrality.


How Can Ernie Bot Help Your Marketing Campaigns in China?

Local Language and Nuances

As a locally developed AI chatbot, Ernie Bot has several Chinese language capabilities, like dialects and regional nuances, that can help foreign brands craft marketing messages that resonate with local consumers.

Given its training on data relevant to Chinese culture and consumer behavior, it can assist you in localizing your brand content. Foreign brands can avoid cultural missteps and ensure their marketing strategies are culturally appropriate and appealing.


Web localization China Riojawine

SDG’s Work With Rioja Wine: Website Localization


This Baidu Chatbot can also analyze vast amounts of data from Chinese social media, search engines, and other digital platforms to provide insights into current industry trends and consumer preferences.


Strategies for Digital Marketing and Advertising

As previously stated, Ernie Bot is integrated within Baidu’s search engine platform. Thanks to this feature, it can provide invaluable insights for optimizing your local SEM and SEO strategies.

Its capabilities are particularly beneficial in keyword research, content creation process that specifically favors Baidu’s algorithms, and understanding the proper ranking factors used for local search engines in China.


Baidu Chinese search engine


Social media platforms also serve a pivotal role in China’s digital landscape, with over  1.03 billion estimated user base. Content creation can be especially overwhelming because of the country’s segmented market, so Ernie Chatbot can offer assistance in generating campaign ideas that align with local consumer needs.

You can also utilize it to generate creative and culturally aligned advertising content, including slogans, taglines, and copy tailored to the Chinese audience.

However, remember that generative AI tools are not 100% accurate, so we recommend having an industry expert modify any content generated from these platforms before publishing.


Quick Q&A

Does China allow ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is not available in China because OpenAI got hit by restrictions according to the censorship policies of the local government. Alternatively, you can use local AI platforms like Baidu’s Ernie Bot or Zhipu AI.

Is Ernie Bot free?

The essential features of Ernie Bot 3.5 remain free of charge for the local public to utilize. However, most of its advanced features or business applications require a monthly subscription or payment. We recommend checking Baidu’s official website for the most current information on Ernie Bot’s price range and availability.

Is Ernie Bot good?

Yes, Ernie Chatbot is good because it’s highly proficient in understanding and generating local language text and integrating with Baidu’s technology ecosystem.


Your Digital Marketing Partner in China!

The Chinese digital landscape does not show any signs of slowing down. So, if you want to stay ahead of the market trends and technology, it’s always a smart time investment to familiarize yourself with AI technologies like Baidu Ernie Bot and ChatGPT.

Our experienced team is here to guide you through every twist and turn, unlocking your brand’s full potential and ensuring resounding success in China’s dynamic business landscape.


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