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Helping Brands Thrive in China’s Gaming Market With Creative Localized Strategies

China is slowly becoming one of the major players in the global video game industry. Besides the increasing number of locals playing games, young gamers are now more eager to spend money on game-related purchases.

At Sekkei Digital Group, we assist foreign brands in launching new games in the Chinese market. From having the proper industry knowledge to localizing and marketing game-related content, we can ensure that your business goals are aligned with our digital marketing strategies.

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Chinese players generating $46.6 billion US dollars in video game industry revenue


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The expected growth of annual revenue generated by online video games in China

Powerful Marketing Pillars for Gaming Brands

The market’s rapid growth opens business opportunities for international gaming companies and foreign developers. However, the country’s gaming sector has a strict market regulation.

The rise of locals playing video games has prompted Chinese authorities to implement gaming restrictions. And, like it or not, these new rules can affect how you introduce and market your games in China. Here are some digital solutions that we can help you utilize:

Understanding gaming industry in China

Understanding the Gaming Industry in China

Localizing Imported Games

Localizing imported games for China
Drive online traffic using SEO, ASO and PPC in China

Driving Online Traffic Using SEO, ASO and Paid Advertising

Launching Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Launching social media marketing campaigns for games in China

Our latest case study

Localizing & Expanding Gaming Presence In China

Nekki wanted to strengthen their user engagement and create an even larger fan base presence in China. Sekkei Digital Group developed a range of strategic approaches, including an all-encompassing social media strategy to effectively promote Shadow Fight 3. Through establishing unique content, engaging with fans, and facilitating interactive competition, SDG had all the essential tools to fully submerge Nekki into the Chinese digital landscape.

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How big is China’s gaming industry?

In 2022, the video game industry in China has an estimated value of USD 61.44 Billion. By 2028, the growing market of Internet games is expected to generate a revenue share of USD 88.74 Billion.
As of today, the count of mobile gamers in the country has reached 660 million. Including mobile gaming, the penetration rate of online games in China ranges around 52.6%.

How are video games sold in China?

Video games in China are predominantly sold through online marketplaces and digital distribution platforms, with Tencent’s WeGame and NetEase’s Youku being popular choices. Mobile games are also widely available in Apple’s App Store and Tencent’s MyApp.
Meanwhile, Free-to-play video game options and consoles like PlayStation and Xbox are also widely sold nationwide while still adhering to gaming restrictions set by the Chinese government.

What are the popular gaming trends in China?

Popular video game trends in Mainland China include the continued dominance of mobile gaming. On top of that, the persistent growth of esports is also apparent, leading to a thriving professional gaming scene.
Besides playing video games, modern gamers can now connect with an audience with the same interests, leading to the rise of live-streaming platforms in the gaming industry.

Is online gaming legal in China?

Yes, online gaming is legal in China. However, in an effort to battle the country’s video game addiction among many children, the Chinese government launched new rules allowing young gamers to play less than three hours per week on Fridays, weekends, or public holidays. This limit in gaming time has promoted companies to stop marketing games to younger demographics.

Why is China so strict about gaming?

The strict approach of the Chinese government is not only to prevent internet addiction among the younger generation but also to promote better mental health among its citizens. Besides that, Chinese regulators aim to ensure that these video games align with the country’s values and nuances.

How can SDG help promote your online games in the Chinese Market?

International gaming companies and developers can rely on SDG’s expertise to localize, register, and promote video games in China. We have a solid network of experts well-versed in the local gaming industry and ready to help you understand the market’s legal, cultural, and digital nature.
Through our tailor-made marketing strategy, rest assured that you’ll gain authority and visibility in the local market, from the game’s development to its official release.

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Gaming Market China

The Chinese gaming market is the second largest in the world, ranking closely next to the United States. With its growing user base of 720 million, it’s no wonder international companies are eagerly finding ways to make their games available in the country.

The rapid development of China’s digital ecosystem came with the explosive popularity of online games. In fact, this industry attracts over 668 million gamers, which is almost half of the overall Chinese population.

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