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Google Provides New Search Analytics Report

Last Updated on February 4, 2024

New Google Search Analytics Report

–       More data : Basic Search Query used to display things like ranking and Click Through Rate a very primary way.

–       More advanced filters: Search type, Desktop/Tablet search or date, Google gives you the opportunity to dive much deeper into your analysis, enhancing differentiation and search personalisation.

–       Smarter way of comparing data: cross metrics feature is the core of this release.

What does New Search Analytics Report Bring Concretely?

Google Search Analytics is a set of features available under Google Webmaster tool, replacing the well-known Search Queries tab.

You’ll be able for instance to know if your website ranking has suffered from 21st April Google update (Responsiveness) – Is your ranking affected?



Search Analytics report displaying ranking and impressions figures.

Comparing Data with the new Google Search Analytics Report

New Search Analytics report can help you dig deeper into search insights using brand new metrics. In the old report we had clicks and impression, now we can use stuffs such as Click Through Rate and positions directly through the chart. Another great feature is the possibility to compare performance on a per-page basis.


What else am I able to handle with this feature?

The old version used to provide insight related to queries – you can now generate a much more consistent analysis using queries but also Pages, Countries, Search Types or even Devices.



Whether you prefer Clicks figures or Position ones, you’ll definitely find what you need in this report. 

Data Filtering with Search Analytics Report

You can filter data per query, page, country, date or search type (web/image/video).

So What’s the Difference Between the Old and the Latest Report?

This new report is radically different than the traditional Query Report. As Query Report used to provide you with insight mostly linked with keywords and volume of research, this new Search Analytics report will allow you to cross several metrics and simultaneously analyze your traffic through different angles.

You’ll for instance be able to get the CTR (Click Through Rate), display it beside the Queries on the same chart, selecting a range of data matching a very specific period (date) you are interested in.

Beside those added functionalities, Google representatives have announced that this new Search Analytics actually brings more accuracy to users, through a totally different calculation.



The previous Search Queries report is still available so far, in a distinct tab.

At Sekkei Studio, we keep on thinking that no matter how many tools you have to measure traffic, content and quality are still the only way to make sure your campaign will be a success.

Read Google Help to get a full understanding of the release..

and take a look at how well we use that kind of data everyday to reach our clients expectations.


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