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Last Updated on April 15, 2024

Sekkei Studio is a Full-Service Digital Agency based in Shanghai, Paris and Hong Kong. Our team of experts is here for you, to meet all your marketing, design and development needs. If you are looking for Hong Kong SEO services either on Google or any Chinese platforms, our staff and expertise can help you maximize your online activities. Sekkei Studio is independent, results-driven and dedicated to the notion that your work, ideas and voice should be heard onto the Hong Kong market.


How to do Hong Kong SEO

1. Choose the Proper Domain Name

At the beginning of a website construction, choosing a suitable domain name is a must. The value of the domain name is significant and should not be ignored for SEO.

  • The older the domain name, the better: The length of your domain name registration is one of the factors that affect the ranking. The website will have better ranking results if the domain name has been registered for a long time.
  • The domain name is easy to remember: One of the characteristics of an excellent domain name is the ease of memorizing it. Make sure your domain name is hard to forget.
  • The shorter the domain name, the better: A short and memorable domain name must be considered as an important feature.
  • The domain name contains keywords. It will not help improving the ranking. However, it can clearly make visitors understand your website theme and positioning.


Domain names must be short, so that search users can feel the importance of the domain name. On the other hand, many companies tend to adopt short pinyin, and more people are willing to choose the .com suffix, thus providing more familiarity for users.


2. Learn Keywords Mining

Keywords mining is one of the most important actions in SEO planning for a website. We must select the most valuable keywords, which provide better choices for the targeted audience. At the same time, we must also grasp the situation of the competitors, analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of the keywords according to their own businesses.


An excellent SEOer should pay attention to the process of keyword mining and utilization:

  • Mine the long tail keywords with extremely high conversion rate.
  • Use keywords related to your business to avoid cross-industry operations
  • Don\’t blindly chase for popular words, they are difficult to work with.


3. Website Structure Optimization

The layout of the website can directly affect both the search engine and user\’s experiences. If the structure of the website is unreasonable, it will not only influence the crawling of the search engine, but also directly affect the user\’s reading and browsing behaviors.


An excellent Hong Kong SEOer must consider the search engine and user’s experiences in the process of structuring the website.

  • Improve the search engine experience for better implementation of metatags, URL structure update, etc.
  • Create the basic functions: 404 pages, sitemap.xml document, set the Robots.txt files, look for error links/dead links and fix them, etc.
  • Focus on the user\’s experience: it is necessary to study the user\’s reading and click behaviors.


4. Continuous Update of High-Quality Content

High-quality content will be seen as a focus by search engines both now and in the future. Whether it is a new site or an old site, the quality of the content must be strictly controlled as it affects visitors’ behaviors on the website. In the process of updating high-quality content, the relevance of the content, its timeliness, richness, and the ad placement must be observed.


Only through high-quality content can the product information be fully exposed to the user and attract more readers, thus generating leads, then finally improve and achieve conversions.

What kind of content is considered high-quality content?

  • User-centric and based on content value rather than target keywords.
  • Unique, professional and comprehensive introduction compared to competitor websites.
  • Perfect user experience: the matching of visual content leads to the trustworthiness of the website.


5. Continuous Construction of High-Quality External Links


What is a high-quality external link? From the user\’s point of view, it is an external chain that links up with the valuable content on other websites. The following points need to be considered:

  • The links need to be related to the content of the external chain platform.
  • They need to bring effective clicks to the external chain platform.
  • The external chain platform is useful if it is authoritative.
  • The other website has high-quality and sincere recommendations.
  • The links to other external chain websites need to be diversified.


Hong Kong SEO Company & Agency

1. About Sekkei Studio

Headquartered in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Paris, Sekkei Studio is a professional digital marketing agency that works with various size of foreign brands in order to address the impact of the digital market in Hong Kong. We feature SEO marketing to guide your customers from search to website, contact to conversion, with the ultimate goal of converting these users into loyal customers.


From our perspective, the most successful digital marketing strategies tend to be the ones that are most connected. That\’s why we combine SEO, SEM, social media marketing and other digital marketing campaigns to create personalized campaigns for your target audience. From digital to tradition, we have helped brands and companies streamline and improve their SEO marketing campaigns.


2. Sekkei Studio services


3. Sekkei Studio clients

  • theDesk
  • JLL


4. Sekkei Studio contact info

Contact us to find out more on how we can improve your Hong Kong SEO strategy and find out how we’ve helped companies just like yours experience SEO success in Hong Kong.


Hong Kong SEO Services

1. Website SEO Service

Any brand that wants to succeed in Hong Kong cannot do without the help of Hong Kong SEO. Sekkei Studio provides professional Hong Kong SEO services from keyword strategy to link building to content creation and much more. Hong Kong SEO matters, and having a well-rounded team allows us to cover every corner and make sure your campaign gains maximum exposure.


  • Technical Audit

    We provide a comprehensive analysis of your existing website along with actionable recommendations. Every audit is built and delivered with next steps in mind and once complete we’ll talk you through the report to ensure you understand everything, so you get the most value for your business.

  • On-Site SEO Optimization

    If you want your SEO to reach peak performance, it’s crucial to spend the appropriate amount of time on on-site optimization. We come through your webpages to ensure that we can identify every section of your website that is not SEO friendly.

  • Link Building

    Every link campaign starts with research, trusted tactics, and KPIs designed to meet your SEO needs. We will create backlinks and drive target traffic and value to your website through related sources that are most relevant to your brand.


2. Content marketing Service

In order to enter and penetrate the Chinese Hong Kong market, it’s an absolute necessity to build a vibrant content marketing strategy to connect with consumers. A successful content marketing strategy provides relevant content to consumers based on market research, performance data, and well-crafted storytelling. By looking at the entire process, we are able to craft content that evokes a positive emotion that leads to quality results.


  • Content & Consumer Insights

    Content marketing requires an in-depth understanding of your customers and what gets them excited. This includes insights into demographics, behavior patterns, and motivations. We use this information to guide content ideation and production.

  • Content Development & Creation

    We apply our cultural knowledge to produce, organize, distribute and intensify your content, growing your audience and boosting SEO at the same time.

  • Content Promotion

    A truly effective content marketing campaign demands various types of content to reach your target audience. We craft a wide range of content tailored for specific platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WeChat & Weibo to ensure there aren’t any missing gaps.


3. Web Design & Development Service

It’s essential to have a Hong Kong centric website that resonates with local consumers to showcase your products and services. Our team offers a host of web design services – we bring all the different elements together to create a fully functional website that is scalable, flexible, secure, and search engine friendly.


  • Web Design

    When designing a website we’re not just focusing on the visual concept but how the visitor will interact with your site. People won’t stay around too long on a website that frustrates.

  • Web Development

    Our skills range from developing simple plain text pages to complex social network services, online applications and e-commerce platforms. We create eye catching websites that fit the local market.

  • Brand Identity

    With a client-centric approach, we can ensure you get a website that resonates with your brand and streamlines the customer journey. From naming to taglines our brand identity solution gives your business what it needs to hit the ground running.

  • Web Maintenance

    The Internet is continually advancing from both a usability and security threat perspective. It is important that your website is useable across all the new platforms and devices that come into play.


Implementing high-quality SEO on your website and digital media will always be beneficial for your marketing efforts. You should see SEO as a required investment. Contact us to gain more insights on how SEO can benefit your brand exposure and how we can help you achieve digital success in Hong Kong.

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