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Utilize high-profile Chinese influencers to help promote your products through (Key Opinion Leader) KOL campaigns. Collaborating with influencers can elevate your brand awareness and prevent you from entirely depending on search engine optimization.

KOL marketing Services

When it comes to purchasing decisions, Chinese consumers are no different from westerners; they are both heavily influenced by other humans. In the digital age, consumers purchase based on recommendations from people they respect on social media. That could be peers, friends, bloggers, or celebrities. Anyone whose opinion they trust.

To do this effectively in China, you need the right resources and network of KOLs or influencers. On top of that, it takes a comprehensive analysis and understanding of your brand positioning to find the right KOL to match your vision. At Sekkei Digital Group, we give you access to our extensive and constantly updated network of KOLs that meet your budget, product positioning, and branding.

Creative strategy

Remove the outside noise from your competitors with a strategy full of insights and innovation. Before sourcing your influencer and creating your campaign, we conduct thorough research to construct content guidelines, a concept, and a production line relevant to your brand. We also help define the appropriate platforms for your campaign.

Influencer Targeting

Increase the value of your brand or product by having relevant influencers target your potential customers. We use our network to identify the best influencers pertinent to your company and those with a substantial following on social KOL platforms. Once done, we source and hire them for your campaign.

Outreach and campaign management

Ensure your KOL campaigns are handled quickly and easily. Once your campaign is live, we utilize your data by collecting KPIs and tracking your progress towards your goals through our reports and suggestions for campaign development.

We Handle It All

Before starting any KOL campaign, we will provide an extensive and detailed plan. We work with you to understand your demographic, vision, and social media platform. Once we have a strong awareness, we craft a strategy covering all areas, from the type of influencer to social media required content and the storyline involved.

We utilize our extensive network of influencers to promote your product. Once we go live, we conduct comprehensive reports on your data, looking at all your major KPIs and providing you with insights about your product promotion.

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Open up any social media APP in China and you’re guaranteed to come across a KOL talking about a particular brand or product. Like influencers in the west, KOLs, are authority figures who have built an audience around a specific topic or lifestyle.

If brands want to leverage a piece of China’s consumer market, influencer or KOL marketing is proving to no longer be an option but more of an essential component of a marketing strategy. With that being said, it’s extremely easy to find articles on how the KOL industry is booming or how beneficial it is for brands.

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Sennheiser Gaming had a goal for their products to make a splash in the China market, Sekkei decided to focus on Chinese KOLs. After developing positive relationships with several KOLs who had a large influence on the Chinese gaming community, Sennheiser Gaming saw social media engagement double over the course of one year.

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