How Tapjoy, Applovin, Vungle, Unity make Gaming successful

Last Updated on May 25, 2023

In this article, let\’s look at how the companies Tapjoy, Applovin, Vungle, and Unity are doing wonders for Gaming. The mobile gaming industry has shot through the roof in the past few years, and that is no mere coincidence. The following segments will overview the key players that are forging the path of becoming the biggest entertainment industry in the world.

Whether you enjoy the occasional mobile game yourself or know friends that do, it is hard to miss – Gaming has been on a meteoric rise. In 2020, almost half of the population (3.5 billion people) own a smartphone. The technology of our phones has been evolving at a staggering pace. It allows people to enjoy a level of mobile Gaming that has come to rival stand-alone consoles. With each year, the technology in mobile phones is getting exponentially better.

These pocket marvels have created a market that has managed to surpass all other gaming mediums. As of last year, mobile games made up an incredible 60% of the global video gaming revenue. These numbers are predicted to be on a continuous rise with no end in sight. From the estimation, the mobile gaming market will hit 56.6 billion dollars in four years from now. That is an incredible amount of money generated from people simply enjoying themselves. Speaking of which, have you tried free pokies yet?

We have entered a golden age of mobile Gaming. It provides software developers and marketing companies an incredible opportunity to push the industry forward. Aside from the technology that allows people to experience an incredibly immersive gaming experience on a mobile phone, a sophisticated market has erected itself. One of the great benefits of this new market is a lowering of the entry barrier for aspiring game developers.

Companies such as Tapjoy, Applovin, Vungle, and Unity game engines are some of the key players that have built an infrastructure that is astoundingly efficient in helping to create games easily. Not only making them has become simpler than ever, but also monetize them in strategic and smart ways. If you have ever entertained the idea of creating your own mobile game, the tools currently available could not make it easier for you to realize your idea. In the following segments, we will look at Tapjoy, Applovin, Vungle, and Unity, as well as how they have helped the mobile gaming industry flourish.

Tapjoy – Mobile Monetization Made Playfully

The Tapjoy app monetization platform was founded in 2007. Since then, it has allowed app developers to incorporate smart solutions to turn in-app user activity into actual profit. Tapjoy specializes in increasing and enhancing the efficiency of user purchasing behavior in a given mobile app by employing predictive analytics, as well as other clever tools. In free mobile games, around 98% of people do not proceed to make in-app purchases. Only the remaining 2% who will do the most spending. Tapjoy specializes in locating and targeting this 2 % in particular.

An excellent model in which Tapjoy hacks the fact that most people do not plan on making in-app purchases is by using offerwalls. Essentially this is a system in which mobile engagement is turned into ad-revenue without users having to spend real money. This is achieved by periodically offering users an in-app currency and rewards in exchange for watching or engaging with an advertisement. In this way, app developers can enjoy the advertising revenue gained from voluntary user engagement without being pushy. Users, in turn, can enjoy in-app benefits without having to pay real money. It is a system in which one hand washes the other, keeping everyone happy.

For advertisers, Tapjoy offers a ads placing platform and have the potential to reach around 520 million monthly users through over 10,000 apps. The huge reach of Tapjoy means that advertising campaigns can target excellently to specific demographics, user tendencies, and geographic locations. Also, the substantial scale of the app itself allows for advertising campaign rates to remain fairly low. Tapjoy makes its main revenue from advertisers who use their ad services.


Applovin Review – One of the Best-Funded Indie Ad Platforms

Applovin is a game marketing platform that was created in 2012. It currently operates in 28 countries, with its headquarters located in Palo Alto, California. The company operated in stealth mode up until 2014 when it became public. The company prides itself on using specialized ad intelligence to calculate user engagement data and forecast it into future market predictions. This allows game developers to look into user engagement trends to maximize advertisement and in-game engagement efficiency.

The company acquired quite some prominences before going for a deal with Orient Hontai. Eventually, this deal dropped due to US regulators stepping in. Even so, Applovin managed to quadruple in size during the negotiation time. The company has made significant strides in the mobile gaming world, and Applovin’s value is now over $2 billion.

Founder Adam Foroughi holds that the success of the company resides in their striving to help independent developers efficiently promote their content and act as a growth avenue for up and coming apps. Applovin’s platform drives more than a billion downloads for gaming companies on an annual basis. The company has managed to cultivate a great reputation and currently works with 90% of the top tier mobile game companies worldwide.


Vungle – Game and Video Ad Symbiosis Made Seemless

Vungle Games was founded in 2011 and is currently working with over 60,000 mobile apps globally. The mobile games company works with top tier clients that include huge names such as Microsoft, Pandora, and Scopely. Vungle specializes in offering targeted HD video ads for iOS and Android devices that are usually around 15 seconds long. It is responsible for collecting over 4 billion video views per month. Vungle provides app marketing across a premium inventory of the top 250 apps across all main app stores. It uses an in-house video production to tailor video campaigns to the specific needs that a given client might request.

Recently the private equity firm Blackstone acquired Vungle due to the promising results of their mobile ad campaigns. This switch should give Vungle a better financial leeway and thus set the tone for a bright future ahead. According to Vungle CEO Rick Tallman, the deal will allow the company to “further accelerate Vungle’s mission to be the trusted guide for growth and engagement, transforming how users discover and experience mobile apps.”


Unity (Game Engine) – Real-Time Game Development

Unity is a game engine created in the early 2000s that allows users to develop games on a real-time basis. Even though the name is fairly unsung amongst the masses, it is a significant cornerstone in the game developer community. Currently, Unity powers over 50% of all video games. One of its significant benefits to the mobile gaming world is the ease with which it allows for games to be created. The engine is based on a programming language called C#. As opposed to C++, it decreases the programming complexity with which mobile games have to be written, thus lowering the entry barrier for aspiring developers.

Unity is head and shoulders over its competitors when it comes to game engine market shares. Unity holds 45%, whereas the closest competitor is at a mere 17%. Some customers of Unity include Coca-Cola, Nasa, Ubisoft, and Warner Bros. During the past 12 months, Unity based ads served around 23 billion people worldwide and reached a total of 3.3 billion devices. There is no other company that is close when it comes to what avenues Unity has opened for video game studios worldwide. Unity is a key player in game development and monetization due to its unique lifetime value (LTV) solutions. According to the testimonials of high tier mobile gaming companies, Unity provides excellent support for their services, offering continuous and sustained care for their clients.


It is clear that mobile advertising start-ups such as Tapjoy, Applovin, and Vungle have immensely helped to fan the flames of the mobile gaming industry over the past decade. Unity has provided a solid foundation for mobile game programming and has made it accessible to anyone willing to try. The marketing and programming solutions available for game developers these days are remarkable and ensure that the future of mobile Gaming will be something that every enthusiast can be excited about. The gaming industry has been incredibly successful over the past few decades, and we cannot wait to see what astonishing gaming inventions the future holds for us to enjoy!


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