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Baidu ad: own your brand ad on Baidu

Last Updated on January 19, 2024

It is always annoying when an other company’s ads is above yours – especially if your customer is searching for one of your product or service.

It’s based on this analysis that Baidu imagined Brand Zone(百度品牌专区). Basically it is a promise of being in the first position in the results page.


Basic functions of Baidu Brand ad

Generally, there is no picture on SERP – search engine result page. But, pictures help us to easily catch someone attention, it helps increasing click through rate.

Baidu Brandzone give you the opportunity to personalized your own space, that will be displayed in the first position in Baidu result page. Obviously, when a visitor search for your brand name.

Awesome, but what can I do exactly? Baidu offer you (at this point you understood this service is not free I hope) the opportunity to:

  • set pictures
  • create a slideshow
  • but also short animations in flash.
  • Add a video, played into the SERP
  • Set many different links
  • An introduction text
  • A “follow us on Weibo” link
  • Etc. Basically you design it as you want to.

Below is a template example given by Baidu:


Now let’s understand with some real example founded through the web. Searching for luxury brand name is an easy way to see Baidu Brandzone in action.

First example, with “Dior” on Baidu:


Interaction with the customers / visitors can be easily achieved on Brand Zone. Brand Zone also allows you to set specific functions, like following Weibo account, a table listing your products and etc.

Tips: A good E-marketing strategy can be to display your Weixin (WeChat) QR code in it, it’s a good opportunity to achieve two birds with one stone.

An other example with Lux, known as 力士 in China.


I think you got it now.


Do I need promote my brand on Baidu Brand ad?

This service is not free of charge, yes it’s obvious I know, but you will have to break the piggy bank. If you own a well-known brand and have already invest a lot of money on Baidu PPC / Display, you might consider Brand Zone. Indeed this service doesn’t have any maximum click, set it once, then drive the visitors wherever your online strategy need to.

Baidu allows competitive keywords, which means your competitors can bid on your keywords. Imagine you are Jia Duo Bao, how will you feel if you see Wang Lao Ji’s Ad is above yours when people search “Jia Duo Bao” on Baidu? Brand Zone is the good way to manage your e-reputation on the Chinese Internet.

Besides promoting your brand, you can also promote your new / main products or services on Brand Zone.


Is Brand ad available on Baidu Mobile?

Yes it is. Wireless Brand Zone is now alive. According to the report presented by CNNIC, by the end of 2012, there were over 420 million mobile Internet users in China. More and more people prefer using mobile than personal computer.



Who should buy Baidu Brand ad?

Brand Zone is one of the best solutions to be visible and to manage your e-reputation on Baidu.  As explained above, the service is not free of charge. Right now, the minimum monthly fees for Brand Zone is 100 thousand. Yes, 100,000 CNY / month. It’s quite a big investment, well plan your online marketing strategy before considering such a service.

If you are recognizing yourselves in the conditions listed below, you might consider Baidu Brand Zone.

  1. You own a well-known brand.
  2. You already run TV Ads and/or campaign advertising in general.
  3. Your PPC / Display campaign cost more than 100,000 CNY per month.
  4. Your strategy on Baidu is very important for your expansion

Now you know exactly what is Baidu Brandzone, not to be confused with Baidu Name Card which start at 10,000 CNY /Year and stay easily affordable.

We will soon highlight you on Baidu Name Card too.

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