Profissionais Brasileiros na China - PBC China

Profissionais Brasileiros na China – PBC China

Last Updated on April 12, 2023

Hi everyone. Maybe some of you are wondering why we have Jesus as a guest star today. The answer it\’s pretty simple. Sekkei Studio realized the website of the group PBC China.


Who is PBC China?

PBC for \”Profissionais Brasileiros na China\”, for those who do not speak Portuguese, it means “Brazilian Professionals in China”. It’s a group founded in 2011 in Shanghai, formed by Brazilian professionals living in China. The main point of this important Brazilian group is to share information through a web portal.

\”PBC is a private association, with no commercial orientation and non-profit. It has organizational, promotional and educational features, with no political or partisan nature or linking to any institution.\”


But I\’m not Brazilian, can they do something for my business?

Of course they can. As I said, PBC Group is private non-profit association. They will help you regardless of your origin, and provide a real knowledge about business with Brazilian Professionals.

On their brand new website provided by Sekkei Studio, you will find a complete list of Brazilian Professionals in China.


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