SES Conference 2012 in Shanghai, China

SES conference – Our feedback

Last Updated on May 25, 2023

Seekei Studio attended the SES (for Search and Social Marketing) conference 2012 in Shanghai, we covered the event and will share with you this quick overview.

SES Shanghai 2012 – Day one

Once in the luxurious Intercontinental Hotel in Shanghai, a commitee host was there to receive us and to give us our badges, precious document that would allows us to attend to two very informative days.

9:00 a.m – Business optimization in a digital world
Mr. Avinash Kaushik, Digital Marketing Evangelist at Google granted us a one hour presentation intitled \”Business optimization in a digital world\”. During whom he explained how to effectively use a web analytics tools like Google Analytics. Regular readers of Avinash\’s blog recognized many of his tips.


He also focused on how to improve user experience; by avoiding vertical scrolling, limiting onpage links, optimizing page speed … I will do a full summary of this presentation later.

10:50 a.m – Creating a commercial strategy

After this presentation, representative of Pepsico, Sephora and Roche Pharmaceuticals tried to introduce us how to \”create a commercial digital strategy\” by taking as examples their recent strategy in the domain. Nothing memorable in fact, I invite you to visit their respective website for more information.

11:40 a.m – Social Analytics.

Please remember to be always focused on your objectives! Adobe came to introduce us \”Adobe Social\”. A complete tool to follow the acquisition cycle and  the loyalty cycle, and be able to extract interesting data to proper monitoring its audience.
CIC data approached the subject differently, detailing how it is important to analyze the news events VS new subscribers , retweet etc…

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14:30 p.m – Localization issues for international companies in China

Every SEO Manger already know that: in China well indexing a website is very different from other country. Why? Let\’s say something like \”Great firewall\”. Mark Downing from Dell kindly came to the Search and Social Marketing conference to share his own experience in the Chinese market.

First interesting point:

Baidu Spider get lost very easily outside of China. Their Chinese content hosted in the US under became, this time hosted in China.

You remember, I told you about the Great fireWall, this second point is directly related to it. Even if your pagespeed is well optimized, all your JavaScript and other data will be carefully analyzed by the firewall, severely impacting the display speed of your page in the Chinese territory. As the first point, co-host your Chinese content in China.

See this infographics:

\"Global15:00 – Social, Location and Mobile (SoLoMo) experience

Point of interest:
– Mobile advertising is still accepted by users
– Especially on iPad and iPhone
– User take the time to read your ad, but the advertising impact is not improved!

David Liu, Founder and CEO of Jiepang came and answer to this question \”How to define my mobile advertising campaign?\”. You need to ask yourselves this 3 questions:
– Who is my audience?
– Who am I targeting?
– How they will be converted?

Around 2015,  there will be more requests on search engines performed via mobile devices than PC, does your website is already compatible? You can test it with Google Howtogomo website.

16:20 – How social affect Search Engine Optimization

The presentation started with an example: by typing \”miserable failure\” on Google, the first result is a famous American President. This shows how important it is to take care of your image.
So please be focus on this: Search = Push and Pull information.
– Push:  What I push on the internet, the info I want to share, to improve my words of mouth, ad etc…
– Pull: How I grab my visitors from Search Engine, does my sharing information matches with my targeted visitors?
Just be careful about what you share, and when you share it, try to optimize the visitor experience!

It\’s with these words that I will conclude this first day full of information.


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