Digital Marketing on Smart Watch

Smartwatch: A New Trend in Digital Marketing.

Last Updated on April 24, 2023

Apple for sure has changed the whole mobile industry, will it change the watch industry? On, we found an interesting post that says “Financial Times says that Apple has significantly stepped up hiring in a bid to engineer its long-rumored smartwatch.”

Maybe, the strategy is caused by a smartwatch released in Italy – \”i’m watch\” based on Google operating system Android. Is it the new trend in digital marketing?


Recently, we have heard that Apple has registered iWatch in several countries, including Japan, Mexico, Russia and China Taiwan. Maybe iWatch is coming, but what we truly care is what we can market on watch screens.


It\’s obvious that watches can\’t have the same screen size as mobiles’ – unless it is designed for Giants. As always, no one wants to see advertisement on any devices. But, most people like promotion information.

Just imagine, an APP can be installed into smartwatch, based on LBS, when your customers are close to your stores or restaurants, the watch vibrates to notice them new promotion, could it be interested to them?

On the other hand, we don’t think WeChat’s “Shake” could success on smartwatches. 🙂

We will keep you informed if any news coming up for Apple’s iWatch.

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