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Address consumer demands through Social CRM by looking at marketing trends and creating a strong support network, making your engagement soar on social media platforms.

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In a complex online market like China, tackling marketing, content, account management, and engagement on a country’s dominant social media channels can be tricky. After all, the typical Social CRM you’d use for other countries’ platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are not available in China. On top of that, it takes experienced specialists to interpret data and devise strategies to elevate online engagement that are relevant only to your target market.

At Sekkei Digital Group, maintaining and creating customer relationships for our clients through valuable social insights lies at the heart of our business. Operating from and being on Shanghai time allows us to analyze your data in real-time. This enables your brand to have instant access to data to help you secure potential leads from visitors on your social media.

Consulting & Strategy

Have a solid strategy in place to propel your brand on social media platforms. We help find out the right approach that matches your vision and values, formulating a plan that is bound to keep your consumers engaged.

Account Management

Savor your relationships with your customers by being responsive, ready to handle their queries and needs, and gain valuable insights from them. Our team has extensive expertise in handling and running many Chinese social media platforms.

Customer Engagement

Broaden the connection between your consumers and company with creative engagement solutions. We work with you to review data from every single engagement element, using analytics to help drive your sales and broadcast your brand across Chinese ecosystems.

We Handle It All

When it comes to Social CRM, no two strategies are ever the same. From the very beginning, we work with you to understand your goals and objectives before setting up and deciding on your social media platforms.

When your social media is up and running, we work to keep your customers engaged and valued through campaigns, product promotions, event registrations, followers labeling, segmentation, message automation, etc. Ultimately, we advise you and show you different CRM processes, then execute them at your request.

Need to correctly address consumer demands on Chinese social media?

Learn more about WeChat Social CRM

In this article, we take a look at the main features of WeChat Social CRM, how they provide solutions for the Marketing Limitations on WeChat, and how they help maximize remarketing potential, by connecting the Offline to Online.

While China still represents a big growth opportunity for brands entering the market, brands need to be more measured and focus on delivering experiences to create authentic customer value. 

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