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What is Social CRM? Top 5 Social Media CRMs in China

Consumers expect to be able to move seamlessly between channels of communication and for businesses to respond promptly and personally. Cohesive communication is at the core of a well-run business and Social CRMs can play a significant role in making customer interaction a more streamlined process. With a social solution, everyone in your organization can be on the same page with technology and have access to an extensive database of customer purchasing habits. This cross-departmental accessibility can be extremely useful and an effective channel for brands to increase sales.

What is Social CRM

For those who are unfamiliar, a social CRM (customer relationship management) is used to organize, automate and synchronize consumer data: from marketing to sales to customer service to technical support. Essentially, it helps brands understand their customers in a more personalized way. It’s a vital tool for building brand loyalty and expanding consumer reach. It is important for brands to utilize CRM platforms to improve engagement with consumers and get the most out of their services and products. Here is a comparison of some of the top social CRMs to consider when marketing in China.

Top 5 Social Media CRM in China


Key Features:

  • Multi-channel engagement
  • WeChat QR code tracking
  • WeChat user behavior
  • User tag automation
  • Predictive segmentation






Parllay is a certified official WeChat developer and specializes in helping clients identify important data patterns and trends. This system emphasizes on big data and has delivered exceptional results for clients including Microsoft. One key component of the platform is that it provides multiple API enterprises and connects other mainstream CRM platforms such as salesforce. You can also interact with followers easily by creating personalized replies and accurate group messaging. The customer analysis includes click history conversion rates and social patterns.




Key Features:

  • Basic WeChat backend functions
  • WeChat shop order management system
  • Schedule posting time
  • Auto-reply webpage articles
  • Can connect with Weibo






Youzan can also fully integrate with WeChat and has a seamless designed WeChat shop template library. It also has a convenient data analytics backend that allows you to monitor the performance of your WeChat Shop along with the ability to filter users by purchase amount, gender, location, and purchasing behavior. After filtering users, Youzan offers a function to send targeted messages based on your market needs. This platform was specifically designed for WeChat and has nearly 100 marketing tools such as a mini-game and coupon function. It also allows you create posts with automatic replies. Youzan is more suitable for brands that sell products.




Key Features:

  • Basic WeChat backend functions
  • API is flexible
  • Receive customer messages directly on WeChat
  • HTML5 catalogs
  • Personalized campaigns





Drip is a nicely designed system that focuses on WeChat backend management and can completely integrate with the WeChat ecosystem. It offers simple webpage creation and the backend is simple to navigate. The interface is beautifully designed with easy management of customer messages and article posting. It also has many advanced functions including the ability to manage multiple QR codes and create webpages that offer coupons for users. One of the biggest takeaways when using this platform is that it allows you to create mobile landing pages with forms for WeChat without having any programming experience.




Key Features:

  • WeChat backend management
  • WeChat mini-site templates
  • VIP member management
  • WeChat shop
  • Personalized messaging





In comparison with the other social CRMs on this list, Weimob offers a few more functions and is the biggest WeChat 3rd party solution provider. Weimob stands out by offering cloud services and integrated marketing solutions to small-to-medium sized enterprises. Outside of e-commerce, this includes hotels, food & beverages and a lot of offline businesses that want to leverage WeChat. It also provides a lot of specific industry templates, which is also a draw back for the platform. The backend can be a bit complicated to navigate and the platform has been considered buggy considering all the templates and features that it supports. Overall, Weimob is an affordable enterprise solution to manage WeChat.




Key Features:

  • QR code generation & management
  • Advanced chatbots
  • H5 & SSO integration
  • In-depth user analysis
  • O2O tracking



JingSocial was developed to remove the manual process and create a streamlined approach from attraction to conversion with customers within WeChat. Jing developed a method for using API connections to interact and measure user engagement. Your sales team has the ability to interact with potential leads via the company portal without having to use personal accounts. The advanced chatbot system also engages with leads in real-time. Overall, JingSocial does an excellent job of nurturing leads and offering personalized content when necessary.


As Social CRMs are gaining more attention and social platforms continue to rise, investing in the right CRM platform is very important for foreign brands entering the Chinese market. Social CRMs can be very beneficial when it comes to monitoring your marketing campaign and they have a huge growth potential. Mastering one of these platforms should definitely be on your to-do-list in order to gain accurate in-depth knowledge of your target market and stay ahead of competitors. As the social media landscape in China is complex and different than in the West, without a professional Chinese digital agency, it can be extremely difficult to navigate these platforms. Sekkei Studio has a team of experts specialized in Social CRM to assist you with picking the best platform for your business. Contact one of our specialist to learn how to get the most out of these platforms for your marketing strategy.



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