What is the Best Chinese Search Engine for Marketers in 2023?

In today’s highly competitive business scene, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) remains an effective method to attract potential consumers in China. With many Chinese companies vying for the most efficient way to promote their brand, international advertisers should remember that the country has a distinct digital landscape.

Top Chinese search engines

Baidu Advertising, Best Practices 2022

Baidu Advertising is a powerful tool in the Chinese marketing arsenal. When used effectively, it can elevate a product or brand to eye-watering levels of exposure. When used badly, it can lead to huge costs and very little impact. Below, we look at several key considerations any marketer must understand and employ if they wish for success.

F&B in China – B2B Digital Success Formula

China’s F&B import market continues to provide exciting opportunities for foreign brands and export professionals as the Chinese consumer preferences for healthy and imported foods gives rise to new developments in China’s e-commerce sector. As the online market for live seafood, fresh meat, and seasonal fruits and vegetables expands, F&B brands will need to adapt their digital marketing strategies if they want to create meaningful customer relations.

Baidu SEO Algorithms Must Read 2020

Every webmaster is no stranger to the Baidu algorithms, especially for those SEO practitioners that are targeting the Chinese market.

Baidu SEO Algorithms Must Read 2020

Native Advertising Agency: Top Platforms 2019 in China

When it comes to native advertising, timelines are carefully curated, news channels are simply structured, and social media platforms are perfectly personalized, delivering ads in just the right place to build genuine exposure. Chinese consumers tend to be enticed by products and services that provide a certain level of authenticity, creating a strong sense of loyalty to brands that they consider authentic.

Native advertising

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