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Advertising in China: Best Strategies To Try This 2023

As China evolves as one of the largest e-commerce markets in the world, digital ads also become an indispensable marketing tool to connect with modern Chinese consumers. Because of this, experts predict that digital ad spending in the country will continue to increase as the middle class develops a higher purchasing power.

Advertising in China best strategies 2023

The Ultimate Guide to WeChat Ads: Key Strategies & Practices

From being a simple messaging app, WeChat has become more than a communication platform. Over time, it turned into a digital space where brands can unlock a wider audience reach. As businesses learn the value of WeChat Advertising, they quickly learn that it requires more than just familiarity. It needs a deep understanding of its intricacies. That’s where we come in.

WeChat Ads Strategies and Practices

In-Feed Ads : Industry & Competitors Analysis

In-Feed ads are one of the most popular ads types nowadays, and many companies have gradually shifted from search ads to in-feed ads. Because of this, in-feed advertisers need to stay ahead of the industry trend especially in the fierce competitive environment like China. They also need to understand potential competitors through a systematic competitor analysis, which involves industry market, product strategy, user audience, and ad placement strategy.
In this article, we will list down 4 important analysis pillars for a successful in-Feed ads campaign.

WeChat in-feeds

Native Advertising Agency: Top Platforms 2019 in China

When it comes to native advertising, timelines are carefully curated, news channels are simply structured, and social media platforms are perfectly personalized, delivering ads in just the right place to build genuine exposure. Chinese consumers tend to be enticed by products and services that provide a certain level of authenticity, creating a strong sense of loyalty to brands that they consider authentic.

Native advertising

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