Promoting Overseas Schools in China: Insights & Strategies

According to Unesco, in 2019, there were 6 million international students globally. More than one in six of these students came from just one country: China. The country’s huge population, decades of rising economic prosperity, and the cultural importance with which education is endowed, make the ‘Middle Kingdom’ by far the largest market for overseas schools looking to attract international students.

Recruiting Chinese Students: Key Market Strategies

According to recent statistics, more than 700,000 Chinese students are pursuing international education globally. Despite the recent decline in enrollment caused by the pandemic, overseas student enrollment is quickly regaining momentum while the global condition improves. And with the locals remaining faithful to the importance of education, international institutions hoping to start attracting Chinese students must develop strategies if they want to connect with their target audience.

Recruiting Chinese Students

Tmall Stores: Between Local & Cross-border e-Commerce

In the era of digitalization, China’s e-commerce market has continued to grow and adapt to meet the ever-changing demands of Chinese consumers and merchants. These developments have brought about the emergence of multiple e-commerce platforms and has led to the market dominance of Chinese online retail.

F&B in China – B2B Digital Success Formula

China’s F&B import market continues to provide exciting opportunities for foreign brands and export professionals as the Chinese consumer preferences for healthy and imported foods gives rise to new developments in China’s e-commerce sector. As the online market for live seafood, fresh meat, and seasonal fruits and vegetables expands, F&B brands will need to adapt their digital marketing strategies if they want to create meaningful customer relations.

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