2022: The Gaming Market in China

The video game market in China is full of surprises, opportunities, and challenges. As of 2021, it is the largest in the world, with 706 million gamers generating a whopping US$46.6bn. It is also, however, among the most regulated. There are occasional months-long holds on approving new game licenses, controls on the number of hours certain individuals may play, and strict content supervision.

How Tapjoy, Applovin, Vungle, Unity make Gaming successful

Whether you enjoy the occasional mobile game yourself or know friends that do, it is hard to miss – Gaming has been on a meteoric rise. In 2020, almost half of the population (3.5 billion people) own a smartphone. The technology of our phones has been evolving at a staggering pace, allowing people to enjoy a level of mobile Gaming that has come to rival stand-alone consoles. With each year, the technology in mobile phones is getting exponentially better.

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