Top Chinese Social Media Platforms in 2023: A Comprehensive Guide for Marketers

Recent statistics show that Chinese internet users reached over one billion at the beginning of 2023 . With around 72% of the country’s population transacting online , it’s no wonder more businesses are pouring efforts into their local social media marketing strategies. Although there are many tried and tested methods to attract users into patronizing your business, the reality is that the Chinese social media sphere is different from other apps in the West.

Top Chinese Social Media 2023

TikTok vs Kuaishou: Hottest Short Video Platforms for New Business Opportunity

Short video platforms are incredibly popular because they have a high ratio of user engagement and retention. Douyin and Kuaishou are two completely separate entities but undoubtedly the most used short-video platforms in Mainland China. These apps are also an effective way to connect with a targeted audience, especially young, tech-savvy Chinese consumers who take their phones everywhere.

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