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7 China SEO Strategies to Boost Your Brand This 2023

Boosting your brand’s search visibility in Mainland China isn’t the same as improving your website’s ranking in Google. If you want to gain organic traffic from Chinese internet users, you must ensure that your SEO strategy is aligned with the regulations and needs of the local market.

China SEO strategies to boost brands

Benefits of Link Building and How to Do it with Google SEO

Increasing your business’ website ranking on Google requires dedication and a well-planned approach. There are a number of components involved in making sure your website ranks well on Google’s search engine; one of those components is link building. Link building refers to the process of getting other websites to link back to yours. The more backlinks to your website, the more reliable it will appear and the more authority it will have —– which ultimately determines how well your website will rank on search engines like Google. 

Baidu SEO – the China Tips, the Search Approach

As you likely already know, China’s search engine market isn’t dominated by Google like the in the rest of the world. Google left the Chinese market way back in 2010 after it suffered from a cybersecurity attack that had originated within China. In place of Google several domestic Chinese search engines have risen up to dominate the market, with the most successful being Baidu.


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