TikTok vs Kuaishou: Hottest Short Video Platforms for New Business Opportunity

Short video platforms are incredibly popular because they have a high ratio of user engagement and retention. Douyin and Kuaishou are two completely separate entities but undoubtedly the most used short-video platforms in Mainland China. These apps are also an effective way to connect with a targeted audience, especially young, tech-savvy Chinese consumers who take their phones everywhere.

Bilibili Marketing : New Ways for Video Marketing

If you want to grow your business, it’s important to make the shift to include video marketing into your overall marketing strategy. Brands should not overlook the usefulness of branded online video for their audience. Similar to how YouTube experiences huge popularity in the West, China’s video platforms such as Youku and iQiyi are successful with the local Chinese audience. But one live streaming platform that is often overlooked that is changing the perception of video-sharing platforms is Bilibili.

What is affiliate marketing? Top 5 platforms in China

When it comes to brand exposure you have quite a few options that you can pursue; there is social search optimization, social media marketing, Baidu Ads, along with many other forms of marketing.

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