Tmall Global Shopping Festival 2015 achieved $11 billion!

Tmall Global Shopping Festival – Biggest online “Black Friday” shopping day in history

Last Updated on June 11, 2024

$11 billion sales in “Singles Day”

Alibaba\’s Tmall, the Chinese equivalent of Amazon, has made another record over $11 billion online shopping in one day. In the US there\’s Black Friday, but in China, the yearly biggest online discounts come on November 11 aks “Singles Day (11.11)”.

It has been 7 years since Alibaba started online discounts festival in 2009. In 2014, Tmall achieved ¥57.1 1 billion ($8.97 billion), 1.6 times as in 2013. So it won’t surprise that much they make it ¥91.22 billion ($11 billion) this year.


Of course, there are other platforms that also provide 11.11 discounts. Pitifully, all other channels together only share 25.8%, even less than 29.06% in 2014. To be honest, Alibaba is well deserved its leading position in E-commerce.

Crazy sale speed at Tmall online shopping festival


According to survey from, China’s average yearly wage is 56,339 CNY. Tmall’s sale on “Singles Day” has taken over 1.62 million people’s yearly salary, among which Yun Ma could get 370 million CNY.

But Tmall has passed the festival to China’s express companies in the coming few weeks. It is reported that 497 million orders have been created, resulting another peak of 140 million daily deliveries (1,620 per second). Assuming that you are one of the Qins (亲), you can experience the happiness together with another 1600 people.

Ranking data of Tmall Global Shopping Festival 2015

Moreover, users in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai and Beijing may find their happiness are much slower than in other places. This is because they are in the top 5 cities during Tmall Global Shopping Festival.

* Below is a ranking of sale in Mobile, Mother & Care, Home appliances categories on “Singles Day” of China E-commerce platform.



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