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Profit from a responsive and localized website tailored to Chinese consumers. Provide customers with a rich user experience built on an in-depth analysis of online habits and behavior of your market in China.

Web Development Services

Web development is an essential service for any company wanting to have a competitive edge in the Chinese digital marketplace. Compared to the West, web development requires a different skill set and a lot of expertise and confidence to tackle the complex markets. At Sekkei Digital Group, our specialists have been doing exactly that for over 12 years, with a track record of success on over 400 projects.

Whether you need a new website or your existing one localized to China, we guarantee it will be secure, responsive, scalable, and accessible to your audience.

Full Stack Development

Our team of versatile developers take the reins, managing, securing, and scaling all aspects of your web development process. They work hard to ensure your website is bug-free, utilizes the latest innovations, technical languages, laws, and standards necessary for a Chinese website.

Content management systems

Add, personalize, and easily manage your content on systems like Drupal and WordPress. Our team can help you set up a new site or transfer your existing one over from the West. Our process allows you to operate a website that is attractive, functional, and tailored to your target audience in China.

Web Localization

Ensure your website is relevant to Chinese ecosystems by having it localized to China. Our specialist teams have tons of experience doing this, removing or replacing website elements, APIs, and scripts that aren’t relevant or accessible in China, such as video players, maps, languages, and social media.


Create from scratch or enhance your e-commerce website with our specialists in Shanghai. Our bilingual team listens to your marketing needs and develops around them. Technical knowledge and a strong understanding of analytics and design are applied to build an eCommerce website that elevates your return on investment in China.

3rd Party integrations

Connect with your customers, integrating 3rd party applications on your website that are only available for China. Whether it be a WeChat feature, payment processing system, or anything else, these integrations will satisfy the browsing experience and save you valuable time and money.

Performance Optimization

Make your website a favorite amongst visitors by having its performance regularly optimized for multiple devices. Our team reviews key metrics like speed, loading time, and more to ensure your users have the best customer experience with your brand.

We Handle It All

Expect to receive informative, detailed updates prior to, during, and post web development. We work closely with you to ensure that your brief is brought to life through your website by our development team in Shanghai.

It starts with a series of meetings, where our European team asks all the technical questions related to the services you need. We will then launch, and test your website at a swift speed, in line with the pace of innovation in China. You’ll be updated via weekly meetings, be able to add your feedback, and ask questions throughout the entire process.

Looking to develop a new website or localize your current one to China?

The Technologies We Use

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One might think that building a website for a Chinese audience would be easy. Simply take the content from the original website, translate it, create a subdomain for Chinese users, and job done, right? Wrong.

When adapting your business for China’s online ecosystem, one of the very first things you will need to focus on is website localization. There are numerous cultural and technical differences that you will need to consider.

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