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What will WeChat mini-apps look like?

Last Updated on May 26, 2023

As you\’ve probably heard by now, WeChat have officially announced that application accounts, aka WeChat mini-apps, are in beta testing!

We’ve managed to get our hands on backend visuals, so you can see first hand what mini-apps will look like on your WeChat interface.

If this is the first time you’re hearing about WeChat mini-apps, read our description below and for those of you who just want to see what they’ll look like, scroll down to discover the first released visuals.


What are WeChat mini-apps?

What we know for sure is that WeChat mini-apps will allow WeChat users to access applications within the platform without having to download said apps to their phones first.

This means that WeChat-active smartphone users will no longer need to install/uninstall applications or select which apps to keep based on their device’s storage capacity. Instead, they’ll simply have to follow their favorite application accounts in order to be able to access them.




On the other hand, this also means that developers that apply for application accounts won’t be able to track downloads although we guess WeChat will most probably provide them with application usage data at a later stage.

Despite the absence of download data, developers would be wrong not to create an application account as they could potentially reach more users who wouldn’t necessarily have used the app had they needed to download it.


What will WeChat mini-apps look like in the user interface?

Based on this exclusive footage, we can see that mini-apps will be accessed through the discover tab. As mini-apps are still in beta-testing, their location and appearance could change at any time.

For that reason, certain WeChat fanatics have imagined what mini-apps could look like if they were to be located elsewhere within the app.


Within the Contacts tab



By searching for new contacts



New Application tab



What will WeChat mini-apps look like in the developer backend?


Development Environment



Component Views



Application accounts are currently in beta testing and should appear on WeChat in the next few months!


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