WeChat supports online payment

WeChat Supports Online Payment

Last Updated on April 25, 2024

On Jun. 20th, WeChat launched a new function of online payment in low key. Based on TenPay – an online payment service provided by Tencent, users are now allowed to purchase inside the APP.

McDonald’s is the first one who supports WeChat online payment by providing a special member card – Cha Dian Ka (茶点卡). For 3 RMB only you will easily obtain your own card, which will allow you to order your favorite menu.


The first round of WeChat accounts to offer the online payment were invited by Tencent itself. This first testing phase will allow the company to confirm the acceptance of the service by WeChat users.

Online payment could be very powerful on WeChat, even for QQ itself. As we recommended QQ Ticket (WeChat official account) in the previous post, when it be able to manage online payments, how awesome will it be?


Another idea we can imagine is how to help your business.

For sure online payment won’t fit to any kinds of WeChat (WeiXin) official accounts. But at least, it can help your e-commercial business growth in China, and develop proximity with your customers.

It can be a good alternative, in a first step, to avoid developing a phone application.


Fully compatible with HTML 5, WeChat can load any type of web pages – not including flash J. Maybe you have your e-store, but not yet optimized for your mobile users. WeChat allows you to send a products selection and post them to your fans through the social network. With the access to TenPay, your followers can easily purchase them inside WeChat application – no need to open Safari or whatever.

Selling member cards for sure is not the future of WeChat official accounts, it’s a pretty good news to see WeChat is now supporting online payment. We will keep an eye on this feature and let you know about its evolutions..

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