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WeChat launches new video analytics feature

Last Updated on May 22, 2024

WeChat launches video analytics to compliment recent web analytics integration

Following the recent launch of web analytics that finally gave WeChat marketers the opportunity to analyze user interactions within the web browser, WeChat have now taken things a step further by releasing a brand new analytics feature that grabs data from videos posted on the platform.

It’s official, data junkies have died and gone to heaven. While WeChat’s recent analytics revamp made it possible to track user interactions within the web browser including downloaded images and played videos, this latest analytics addition means that marketers can now track user interactions with videos posted on WeChat, as opposed to those viewed within the web browser.

To make things all that much sweeter, these videos aren’t trackable in the usual boring way in which you can only see how many times they were played. WeChat have seemingly decided to make our dreams come true by enabling advanced tracking features such as time spent on video and drag tracking, features that I’ll list and describe in the next section of this article.

What will this new feature enable us to track?

WeChat have integrated the brand new video analytics feature within the post analysis section that’s used to obtain data regarding posts published on the platform. Although we expect WeChat to take things even further (2 data-related improvements in the last 2 weeks already!), the video analytics feature currently tracks 5 separate interactions.

The first and most obvious interaction to be tracked is the number of times a video is played as well as the number of unique viewers. Seeing that WeChat marketers had no way of tracking this sort of information before today, it’s safe to say that this a real game-changer that will enable businesses to assess the popularity of the videos they post and the level of user engagement those videos generate.

\"WeChat WeChat Video Analytics – Number of Views

Moving on, the second interaction to be tracked is the duration of the video watched by the user. As you can see on the chart underneath, this feature allows you to track how many people watched 0 to 49 seconds of the video, how many watched as much as 49 to 98 seconds of the video, and so on.

\"WeChat WeChat Video Analytics – Time Spent on Video

The third and fourth interactions to be tracked are particularly interesting. Indeed, the third tracking feature allows marketers to see at what point of the video users tend to start dragging elsewhere in the video. In other terms, this feature lets you know when users tend to rewind or fast-forward. How you understand and perceive this data is of course completely up to you. Although some will say that this feature underlines the weak points of your video, others may instead say that their users rewind in order to watch their favorite part of the video once more.

\"WeChat WeChat Video Analytics – Start of Drag

Whereas the third tracking feature allows marketers to see at what point of the video users tend to start dragging, the fourth feature lets them know which point of the video users drag to.

\"WeChat WeChat Video Analytics – End of Drag

The fifth and final tracking feature displays the time of day at which users watched the video. Simple.

\"WeChat WeChat Video Analytics – Time of Day

Why should I care?

If you cared about WeChat’s recent integration of web analytics, you should certainly care about this! This latest addition simply expands WeChat’s data-tracking capacities and gives data analysts an extra tool with which they can gather further insights.

In the same way that the web analytics feature has given businesses the means to evaluate the popularity and quality of their H5 files, this video analytics feature enables marketers to assess the level of user engagement generated by the videos they post.

Both features have allowed businesses to get to know their WeChat followers and gain a better understanding of what’s working on the platform. By tracking data, businesses can gain useful insights that enable them to make better decisions. Let’s all hope that WeChat have got other data-related improvements in the pipeline!


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