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Last Updated on June 19, 2023

Growth and adaptation have become the defining characteristics in the digital world and mobile technology exists at the intersection of communication and convenience. By leveraging the right mobile platform like WeChat Work, organizations can easily share important information and connect employees with customers through a seamless interaction. There are now tools that automate procedures and tasks, which simplify and increase productivity and Tencent is continually spearheading the process.

The WeChat messaging app has included so many features that it is truly providing its users an all-in-one experience. The app lets people chat, pay bills, play games, shop, and access government services — without ever leaving WeChat. Tencent has now developed a dedicated platform for work purposes, called WeChat Work. According to Tencent, 80% of China’s top 500 companies have already joined WeChat Work. The total number of registered companies has reached 1.5 million from over 50 industries.

1. WeChat Work : How does it Work?

WeChat Work was designed as an instant messaging app for internal communication and management. Today, WeChat Work has evolved from a social communication tool to a digital ecosystem that efficiently connects corporate organizations, services and consumers.  The app has a similar communication experience as WeChat, but is truly professional with more powerful communication tools. It allows companies to have a smoother information flow and promote transactions while improving operational efficiency.


2. WeChat Work : Registering an Account

The app is free to download and comes with certain free features, but in order to access all features and settings, your account needs to be verified. A Mainland Chinese business license is required for the verification process and up to five accounts can be registered per business license. The verification process requires a one-time fee of US $50 dollars and must be renewed annually.


3. WeChat Work : Features

i. Announcements

Under the announcement tab, employees can highlight any important notices or messages. There is also an option to send private announcements by adding a username and removing the sharing options.

ii. Clock In/Out System

The app has its own built-in time clock where employees can clock in when they arrive to the office by connecting to a designated Wi-Fi location. A monthly report of working hours can also be accumulated for HR purposes.


iii. Company Moments

There is an employee only forum where users can share posts to personal WeChat contacts or company moments.

iv. Company Paid Calls

Users are free to make calls via the app and all expenses are billed to the company. The app does come with 1,000 minutes of free call time when an account is first created.

v. Mail

WeChat Work allows users to receive and send emails just as if you were sending a message on the WeChat app by linking your company email. It supports IMAP, POP and Exchange.

vi. File Disk Space


100G of free disk space is available once an account has been created.

vii. Reports

Allows users to track and manage the progression of projects with a wide range of data sheets with customizable templates.

viii. Task Manager

Allows users to create a group chat from a task or schedule reminders for other colleagues.

vv. Third-Party Apps


In addition to the default features, WeChat Work offers the capability to integrate third-party apps. There are a variety of third-party apps including CRM, accounting, team building, human resources, training and workflow.


WeChat Work : Integration with WeChat Official Accounts

WeChat Work provides a seamless operating experience with a WeChat official account and provides niche features for improving a business’s operation. After the WeChat integration has been completed, customers have access to communicate with sale agents directly from the WeChat official account.

The sales agent is able to view all inquiries via their WeChat Work account for more effective communication and service. This allows the customer to get to the right sales representative with less hassle and a more positive user experience, which can result in increased customer retention.


WeChat Work : Benefit Brands and Retailers?

WeChat Work allows businesses to have an overall better feel and control over their internal communication. The app solves a lot of pain points companies find using WeChat alone. The app can hold up to 2,000 users in a chat and gives the option to mute some or all group members, which can be perfect for larger companies. It allows store employees to remain connected with customers after they make a purchase. Store employees can send reminders to existing customers regarding information about servicing their product and addressing any difficulties customers may have with a service or product. They can also send a quotation of products and services through WeChat messaging.

Brands and retailers are able to deliver a more diversified office experience by linking order management, work collaboration and digital sales management all-in-one. It is effortless to share transactional and promotional documents among retailers and customers. Retailers can also recommend products with personalized messages to clients and customers based on their browser behavior and purchase history.

WeChat Work could be the next breakthrough for brands and retailers that want to stay on top of their customer service experience. It allows a company to apply its own company structure on top of a private version of WeChat and fully integrate their WeChat official account. The software is a powerful tool to effectively establish the connection between your business and services. This platform may have the potential to transform workplace and retail behavior, and it’s definitely worth keeping an eye out for upcoming updates that Tencent will be rolling out in the future.


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