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What will the Internet look like in the future?

Last Updated on May 22, 2024

Since its creation in 2008, Sekkei Studio focus on making beautiful websites and preparing cost-efficient digital strategies for its clients. A few years ago, company CEO were questioning themselves about the benefits of pushing their business online. Nowadays, every kind of entrepreneurs throughout the world could not event think about opening a trading business or a service company without a dedicated web-domain and an official twitter account.

The internet is now in our life and SEO/SEM became words spoken by marketing specialists as frequently as brand management, market research or any other marketing operation.

What will the internet become in the future?

Today Sekkei Studio is wondering what will be the Internet of the future. At Sekkei Studio, our main preoccupation is to make sure that our clients reach the right customer at the right time. If it was possible to know what the internet will become in the next few years, we would probably be very glad to know the answer. Will people use the personal computer and tablets as they currently do ? Will they keep away from screen as we know it since more than 30 years ? One thing is sure, marketing will be in, as well as Sekkei Studio of course…


The augmented reality is a feature that will be improved, enhancing user-interface so that every kind of information will be added to user-vision, like a name of a restaurant you can see in the street, or user comment written about food quality. People will no longer have to search information through Google search-bar, they will be given the information they need just looking at the product they are interested in.

Through a marketing perspective, at Sekkei Studio we bet that in a near future, advertisement will be integrated to augmented reality, becoming a basic feature of the new internet era.

Internet connection will be everywhere, not only into “classical” devices such as PC, phones and tablet. It will be a common feature of all the stuff of everyday-life such as the car, a table, or even a pen.  Everything could probably be connected through a global network, allowing to establish a connection with anyone at anytime wherever they are located throughout the world.

The data transmission speed will change everything.

You probably remember the first time you connected your computer to the Internet through a 56k modem, the noisy sound of connection establishment and the annoying connections disruptions are things that early internet adopters probably won’t forget.

Today connection speed brought a brand new era of internet. Those who were born after 90’ spend more time on YouTube than watching television, the information they rely on is becoming multi-sources.

Have you ever heard about internet of things ?

The first guy who talked about internet of things was Kevin Ashton in 1999, defining internet of things as a network of physical objects that can interact with each other to share information and take action. At Sekkei Studio, we know since long time that the internet is going to change consequently in the next few years, our team of specialist will have to take into consideration the fact that everything will be connected and marketing will be everywhere.


What about digital marketing?

Today, digital marketing is still separated from traditional marketing, simply because internet introduced a brand new way to reach customer and measure performance. At Sekkei Studio, we use digital marketing to track every kind of behaviors of potential clients on our customer’s website. We can guess than in the future, digital marketing will follow the natural evolution of Internet which will be integrated in every aspect of people’s life.

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