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Broadcast your brand and reach potential consumers through captivating KOLs showcasing your products via live sessions. Your conversions and brand awareness can soar on Taobao, Little Red Book, Douyin, TMALL store, and other eCommerce platforms.

Live Streaming Services

Around 25% of China’s purchases occur online. Consumers are looking for extra ways to trust brands and validate their decision to purchase products when on the go. In today’s competitive market, one of the best ways to build that real-time connection with your consumers is through live streaming.

Live streaming is a collaboration between you and a host, usually a well-known key opinion leader related to your demographic. Through your official store platform, a broadcast session happens. Such sessions promote your products to their extensive network and user base, enhancing store and product exposure in China. These streams are interactive and can significantly impact your conversions and save for future purchases and organic rankings of SKU products in search results.

KOL sourcing and enrollment

Gain access to leading influencers and leaders to showcase your brand. Sekkei Digital Group is based in China and have great relationships with multi-channel networks. You’ll get a complete solution for live streaming that starts with sourcing and enrolling.

Storytelling and storyline

Distinguish yourself from other sellers in China by creating customized content about your products, narrated effortlessly through a strategic storyline. Having the right story can speak to your customers emotions and improve your conversion rate.

Stage setup and live streaming

We will focus on the technical setup in preparation for live streaming your products. We diligently conduct all the prep in advance through appropriate background design, lighting, makeup, recording setup, and influencer prep to make it a success.

Monitoring and Reporting

Once the stream starts, we ensure it runs smoothly, provide thorough reporting, and focus on the key metrics and measurements, like comments and conversions. We then use that information to ensure that your future stream content suits the needs of your audience.

We Handle It All

To influence your demographic and raise brand awareness and conversions, we provide you with a complete solution for live streaming. This solution begins with several meetings where we grasp your vision, budget, and time frame for streaming.

Our experts in China work with multi-channel networks to source the right KOL and script to suit your products. We then work relentlessly to ensure all your needs are met before execution. Once live, we monitor the back end and provide extensive reporting to see how your brand values from the session.

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Learn more about Live Streaming

From a recent report released by the Chinese company YouWant (specialized in live commerce and Chinese social media data), Sekkei Digital Group has summed up 12 main insights on Live Commerce in 2022 China.

In Part 1 of our guide, we detail what Live Commerce is, why brands should live-stream on Tmall, what sort of shoppers to expect, and the step-by-step process to getting a brand set up to live-stream on Tmall from opening an enterprise account and a live-streaming account to your first broadcast.

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