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As our SEO Specialist, you will be responsible for managing the creation, implementation, and ongoing optimization of on-site & off-site SEO and Web analytics strategies.

About the Job

Sekkei Studio is seeking an experienced SEO expert to join our team of fun spirited, hardworking, innovative thinking individuals.

You must have an ability to work with a team as this position will collaborate with project managers, writers, website developers and designers and SEO Managers. General business administration skills and the ability to manage the content development process is also required. The SEO specialist reports to an SEO Manager who provides direction, tactics & deliverables for each client strategy.

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    Key Responsibilities

    • Promote the overall on-site and off-site Baidu SEO strategy and execution.
    • Manage and improve the performance and goal setting of natural search engines based on click-through rate, traffic, and conversion rate. 
    • Keep up to date with the latest developments in SEO and search engine trends to ensure that SEO strategies and website architecture keep up with evolving search practices, including mobile web optimization.
    • Implement link development activities to increase the number of links/domains to group assets.
    • Develop technical strategies on URL structure, specifications, structured markup, information architecture, and page speed.
    • Review and revise content templates to promote W3C-compliant changes and improve the crawlability of search engines.
    • Provide suggestions for changes to the site structure, content, internal links, and other factors to improve the SEO position and online visibility of targeted keywords.
    • Define backlinks/link building strategies.
    • Find adequate platforms for backlinks/link building.
    • Write SEO reports in English.

    Key Skills and Experience

    • At least 2 years of search engine optimization experience.
    • Google/Baidu analysis skills.
    •  In-depth understanding of the search engine optimization (SEO) process.
    • Experience in using CMS in multiple CMS environments and building/managing content.
    • Basic understanding of web technologies: HTML, CSS.
    • Ability to handle back-end SEO elements, such as .htaccess, robots.txt, metadata, site speed optimization, etc.
    • Fluent in Chinese and English.
    • Knowledge in Baidu advertising and Tencent advertising is a big advantage.

    Job Conditions & Terms

    • Position: Full time
    • Job location: Shanghai
    • Salary: Depending on experience
    • Benefits: Chinese holidays + 10 days of vacation for the 1st year, 15 days after the 1st year

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