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Weibo vs. WeChat: 7 Key Differences You Should Know

Entering through the local social media landscape is the most cost-effective digital marketing strategy new foreign brands can utilize to build brand awareness within the Chinese market. These social media platforms boast millions of monthly active users, but among them, WeChat and Weibo are the most effective in improving local brand image. Because of this, marketers are often confused about when and where to use these apps.

Weibo vs WeChat main differences

Promoting Overseas Schools in China: Insights & Strategies

According to Unesco, in 2019, there were 6 million international students globally. More than one in six of these students came from just one country: China. The country’s huge population, decades of rising economic prosperity, and the cultural importance with which education is endowed, make the ‘Middle Kingdom’ by far the largest market for overseas schools looking to attract international students.

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