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What is WeChat Search and how does it work?

Calling all SEO wizards, WeChat enthusiasts and social marketing aficionados! Today we’ll be diving into the little-known world of WeChat SEO in order to gain a better understanding of WeChat’s current search functions, interpret the manner in which WeChat content is ranked within WeChat search and provide you with suggestions regarding the optimization of your …

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Google Hummingbird - Sekkei Studio

Everything you should know about Google Hummingbird

Google Hummingbird (in analogy with the bird’s speed and accuracy) is the latest Google’s search algorithm. Hummingbird has been published in August (or beginning of September) but has only been announced on 2013/09/26. It would concern 90% of the world’s queries, even though its impact remains rather discreet. Contrary to Google Penguin and Google Panda, …

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Baidu Brand Zone Promotion

Baidu ad: own your brand ad on Baidu

It is always annoying when an other company’s ads is above yours – especially if your customer is searching for one of your product or service. It’s based on this analysis that Baidu imagined Brand Zone(百度品牌专区). Basically it is a promise of being in the first position in the results page.   Basic functions of …

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Logo Google

Google new tool to disavow links

Google new tool to disavow links As announced by Matt Cutts last June, Google introduce yesterday (2012/10/16) its new tool to allow web masters to remove manually unnatural links pointing to their website. Like Microsoft, and its Bing Master Tools, did few month ago, it\’s now possible to access to this tool. Curiously Google didn\’t add …

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SES Conference 2012 in Shanghai, China

SES conference – Our feedback

Seekei Studio attended the SES (for Search and Social Marketing) conference 2012 in Shanghai, we covered the event and will share with you this quick overview. SES Shanghai 2012 – Day one Once in the luxurious Intercontinental Hotel in Shanghai, a commitee host was there to receive us and to give us our badges, precious document that would allows us to attend to two very informative days. 9:00 a.m – Business optimization …

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Google Panda has 1 year

As everyone remember, Google\’s Panda update on February 24th, 2011. For this \”Panda-versary\”, the SEObook website make an infographic to help us understand about the effect of the algorithm 1 year after it first released. Here is a sum up of the infographic realized by SEO book: Before Panda: Too much content farms Relevancy was …

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An easy way to understand Google Panda

Unless your SEO manager has been buried in a cave since last year, you must already know about the famous Google Panda update. But what is Panda exactly? Yeah, it\’s an animal… a lazy one… but in Google terms, Panda is more a quality filter on search results, than a bear fond of bamboo. Indeed, Google decided to remove non-relevant content / …

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