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Rapidly raise your revenue with a WeChat Store

Make the shopping experience easier for your Chinese consumers by having your WeChat Store integrated into your WeChat account. This streamlined process enables payment integration within the platform, allowing users to purchase your products in seconds.

WeChat Store Services

WeChat is the primary platform for social media in China. While its initial purpose was messaging, it later expanded, switching to an e-commerce focus. Instead of browsing other sites, many Chinese consumers choose to buy products through WeChat.

Because of this, your e-commerce company needs to have a WeChat store that compliments your business. Once set up, your company immediately has greater exposure to over 1 billion users in China. Prospects can purchase your products using WeChat Pay via a one-click method, simplifying the shopping for your customers.

Have your store launch, account management, product uploads, payment integration, optimization, reports, and more taken care of while you focus on other parts of your business.

Account Set up and Management

Our specialists are based in China and will handle the logistics and set up a verified account for your brand on WeChat. They listen to your values and combine their knowledge of the language, culture, and purchasing behavior to optimize your store’s operations to meet Chinese legislation while forming and running a solid support network for your customers that surpasses their expectations.

Store Design

Benefit from a bold storefront that instantly communicates your brand values to WeChat users. Here you will have a bespoke store built for you known as a Mini Program. This service allows you to receive a custom QR code that links to your store, launching it on phones in a split second. We cut out the challenges to your consumers by installing solutions such as quick registration, cross-border payment integration, product upload, and translation.

Analysis & Optimization

Throughout the entire WeChat store set-up and management, profits remain the primary objective. To ensure profits do not falter, we review your data and place it into a monthly report, with marketing information, sales, and insights. You also receive out-of-the-box strategies and solutions we’re ready to deploy to multiply your ROI.

We Handle It All

Our local experts who speak the language and understand Chinese culture will handle your WeChat store. Any questions or input will be communicated to our team in China for up-to-date feedback and highly qualified answers. Once formed, your official WeChat store will get built, designed, and we will upload all of your products. Throughout the process, you’ll have the opportunity to attend weekly meetings to understand the technical aspects and receive monthly reports on the store’s performance.

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Along with the rise in disposable income and lasting perception that foreign brands have higher quality products, Chinese consumers are increasingly buying products though cross-border e-commerce.

Partly due to the fact that it’s been literally impossible for most people to get out, shop, and socialise physically, and partly due to the changing digital media landscape, more and more people are choosing to buy things online. More than that, they’re doing so via social media. Nowhere is this truer than in China.

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Duckhorn was keen to be present in China through local wine importers. However, they were unsure about the steps they needed to take to achieve this goal. Our goal was to properly activate Duckhorn as a brand in China by educating and building a community in both their social and eCommerce platforms.

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