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At Sekkei Digital Group, we specialize in Douyin marketing services tailored to your business needs. Our team of experts provides end-to-end Douyin marketing solutions, from strategy development to account management and video content creation.

We have a deep understanding of the Douyin ecosystem, and we can help you navigate the platform to achieve your marketing goals.

Why Douyin Marketing?

For foreign brands entering the Chinese market, Douyin is an excellent option to create a community and engage with consumers. The platform’s algorithm encourages content creators to produce engaging and interactive videos, resulting in high user engagement rates. With Douyin, local and foreign brands can leverage the power of video content to showcase their products, services, and brand personality.

We take a data-driven approach to developing and executing effective marketing strategies that deliver measurable results. Our clients trust us to create engaging and authentic Douyin content that resonates with their target audience, as well as to identify and collaborate with Chinese KOLs and influencers to amplify their reach.

Douyin Key Marketing Services

Consulting and Strategy

Know the demands of your demographic before getting started on Douyin. We guide and help you create the best campaigns and marketing plans for your brand.

Video Content production

Connect to your community and potential new customers by offering them creative content that speaks to their emotions. We create compelling and practical content that communicates with your audience through effective design and copywriting.

Community management

Build a creative and like-minded influencer community for your brand on Douyin. We help utilize our connections with KOLS, passion for content, and connection, helping you grow your followers and engagement on the platform.

Douyin Ads management

Be a step ahead of your consumer purchases by having a solid and thorough advertising plan that speaks to them and increases your brand’s visibility. Our team members are experts in managing Douyin ads and ensuring they comply with Chinese laws.

KOLs sourcing and management

Form trustworthy connections between your consumers and brand. We’re ready to utilize our extensive network of Chinese influencers to help increase conversions, shares and knowledge with your target audience.

Douyin store management

Ensure your native Douyin store is operating perfectly at all times. Our team in China is dedicated to handling your online store and improving customer traffic and conversion rates.

We Handle It All

Setting up your Douyin account takes time and experience. We ensure you get ahead of your competitors and captivate your audience’s attention by taking the time to establish your objectives and company vision.

We create a custom strategy to help you grow your community based on your brand and product. We look weekly at the different types of interaction your brand has on the platform, presenting it to you in reports and solutions to grow your reach further.

Need to gain product exposure, and increase your conversion rates in China?

Questions Our Customers ask
about Douyin Marketing

Douyin, also known as TikTok outside of China, is a short-form video-sharing app that has become hugely popular among Chinese audiences. Users can create and share 15-second videos that feature a variety of effects, filters, and music. The app has gained a massive following due to its addictive nature, viral content, and the ability for users to become overnight sensations.

To create a Douyin account, businesses must have a Chinese business license or a personal ID card. Once the account is created, businesses can set up a profile and start posting content. Douyin accounts can be created through the app or through the official website.

Douyin videos are limited to 60 seconds in length, and there are restrictions on video format and quality. To work around these limitations, businesses can create engaging and visually appealing content that showcases their products or services in a creative and entertaining way.

Douyin has been the platform for many successful marketing campaigns. For example, L’Oréal created a campaign called “Lips Challenge” which encouraged users to participate in a lip-syncing contest using their lipstick products. This campaign generated over 50 million views and increased product sales.

Hashtags on Douyin are an effective way to increase visibility and engagement. Businesses can use relevant and popular hashtags to attract users to their content and encourage them to share it with their followers.

The demographics of Douyin users are primarily young people, with over 60% of users aged between 18-30 years old. The app is also popular among female users, with approximately 60% of users being women. To reach specific audiences, businesses can tailor their content to appeal to these demographics.

Western brands can effectively market themselves on Douyin by understanding Chinese culture and creating content that is relevant and relatable to Chinese audiences. Localization is key to success, and businesses must be mindful of cultural differences and preferences when developing their Douyin marketing strategy.

To increase engagement and build a community on Douyin, businesses can create content that is visually appealing, entertaining, and interactive. Consistency is also important, and businesses should aim to post regularly and engage with their followers through comments and direct messages.

Douyin’s social e-commerce features allow businesses to sell products directly within the app. This includes features like in-video links, product pages, and live streaming sales. Businesses can use these features to drive sales and revenue by showcasing their products and offering special promotions to their followers.

Common mistakes to avoid when developing a Douyin marketing strategy include not understanding the platform and its audience, creating content that is too generic or irrelevant, and not engaging with followers. It’s important to have a clear strategy in place and to continually analyze and adjust based on the results.

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Douyin Flagship store set up

Did you know that Douyin is the second most popular social media app in the Chinese market? In fact, this platform has garnered an enormous user base of over 750 million monthly active users in 2023. Since its catapult to fame, this channel has become the go-to app for businesses to connect with Chinese consumers.

With over 2 billion downloads and an active user base of over 800 million, Douyin has paved its way as the next generation of social media. If Douyin didn’t already have enough shine in the spotlight, the COVID-19 pandemic along with home quarantining has taken the platform to new levels.

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