SEO Services for Small Business

SEO Services for Small Business

Last Updated on May 22, 2024

You often see SEO or Search Engine Optimization mentioned by either famous brand or small businesses, that it helps ensuring your brand presence to your target audience and staying in front of competitors when searching on Search Engines. When more than 90% of internet users are using search engines to look for answers, seo services for small business can no longer be ignored.

Even though the popularity of social media has increased in recent years, search engine is still a key source of traffic for most businesses. That is why we should invest in SEO services, especially small businesses that are trying to scale eagerly.


 1. SEO Services for Small Business : Advantages

Almost all companies have its own official website nowadays, but whether the websites can be found on the search engines like Google or Baidu is another matter. Without any surprises, users will not be able to find the website If the SEO optimization is done poorly, and will be flooded by tons of other websites pages.




Therefore, if the website has been well optimized, it will have the following benefits:

  1. Own a website with high user experience satisfaction
  2. Build a strong consumer brand awareness
  3. Establish long-term effective traffic sources
  4. Effectively reduce the cost of advertisements


2. SEO Services for Small Business : Services offering

It is always beneficial for companies to implement high-quality SEO services on their website. Contact us to find out more about how SEO can uplift your brand.




For instances:

1.Keywords Analysis

It is the most important part of SEO. Keyword analysis includes: Industry/product keywords analysis, competitors analysis, keywords and website relevance analysis, keywords placement, keyword ranking prediction;

2.Website Architecture/Layout Analysis

A good website structure attracts search engine bots/spiders to the website, which will be beneficial for SEO optimization. Website architecture analysis includes: restructuring the website’s architecture to meet SEO needs, improving the UI/UX experience, implementing the sitemap, and optimizing both internal and external links;

3.Website Directory and Page Optimization

SEO not only ensures that the homepage of the website will get a good ranking in the search engine, it also brings traffic for every page of the website;

4.Frequent Content Publishing and Links Placement

Search engines prefer websites with regular content updates, therefore it is one of the key factors for SEO optimization to schedule new content releases punctually. Asides of content updating, well-planned placement of internal and external links ensures that search engines understand the relevancy and keywords of each pages;

5.Sitemap Generation

Creating a sitemap based on your site structure will allow search engines to access all the pages and sections of the entire site through the sitemap. It is always better to set up two sets of sitemap, one in html format (for visitors to quickly look for site information), and one in XML format (for search engines to know the update frequency, update time, page weight of the website);

6.Indexed Pages Verification

First, we submit your sitemap (XML format) to the major search engines. After 1-2 weeks, you will be able to see the result of the indexed pages by keying \”site: yourwebsitedomainname\” in the search box and it will show you how many pages have been indexed by that particular search engine. Likewise in order to check any backlinks to your website, you can type in “domain: yourwebsitedomainname” or “link: yourwebsitedomainname”. We also suggest to adopt Webmaster Tools provided by search engines to close the loop with search engines;

7.High-Quality Backlinks

Establishing high-quality backlinks can improve your website’s PR value and its update rate. Backlinks are known as the ‘Holy Grail’ in SEO because it is not easy to partner with another webmaster to embed a backlink to your website. But we, here at Sekkei Studio, have the skills to achieve this goal, contact us now for more information;

8.Website Traffic Analysis

Lastly, analyzing the website traffic will help for your next SEO strategy. It indicates traffic sources, users’ behaviors on your website, website issues etc. From there you can easily plan your next website optimization strategy. Regarding traffic analysis tools, Google Analytics and Baidu Analytics are always recommended.


Why choose us for Your Small Business SEO Services?

Sekkei Studio is an Independent Full Service Digital Agency based in Shanghai, Paris and Hong Kong. Our team of specialists is here to meet all your marketing, design and development needs.




1. Ideal Strategic Partner

We provide personalized corporate brand strategy, as well as a full range of marketing services for your marketing campaigns.

2. China Digital Marketing Expert

Having a well-rounded team of digital experts allows us to work from brand building to marketing promotions, and we always pay attention to our client’s needs, in making the rights suggestions and assisting them to overcome potential difficulties.

3. Creative Agency

From brand identity to marketing materials design, we maintain the uniqueness of creativity to help you achieve digital success in China.


The professionalism and dedication of our talented team has helped us create and maintain a long-standing relationship with our clients. Have a project in mind or need our help in identifying one? We want to hear from you, contact us.



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