How to Open a Douyin E-commerce Store [Full Guide for New Brands]

Did you know that Douyin is the second most popular social media app in the Chinese market? In fact, this platform has garnered an enormous user base of over 750 million monthly active users in 2023. Since its catapult to fame, this channel has become the go-to app for businesses to connect with Chinese consumers.

Douyin Flagship store set up

Insider’s Guide to Maimai: The Chinese LinkedIn Alternative

Career and social networking hold significant importance in the Chinese business scene, especially for foreign B2B marketers seeking local company partners. With the censorship of LinkedIn in China, Maimai emerged as a reliable social networking platform not only for job seekers but also for new brands trying to reach out to potential investors and connect with industry professionals.

Maimai social networking and career app China

Vitamins & Health Supplement Market in China [Key Trends]

Chinese consumers have always been enthusiastic about buying health products or any brand related to wellness. This strong preference stems from a cultural standpoint, where traditional Chinese medicine is believed to be an effective medical system to prevent illnesses.

Health supplements and vitamins market China

ChatGPT vs Baidu Ernie Bot: How Can These Tools Help Your Brand?

Artificial intelligence has taken the world by storm, with over 250 million companies worldwide utilizing this technology for their day-to-day business operations. Although the Chinese government has barred access to ChatGPT in China, Baidu took center stage and introduced its AI chatbot, Ernie Bot, to the general public as a local alternative.

ChatGPT vs Baidu ERNIE

Your Ultimate Douyin Advertising Guide [Formats, Costs, & More]

Chinese social media platforms are excellent avenues to increase brand awareness for new businesses entering China. However, the Douyin app stands out among many options, specifically for its creative tools, massive user base, and various ad formats.

Douyin Ultimate advertising guide

Bing vs Baidu: Why Bing Matters in Your SEO Campaigns for China

As the Chinese search engine landscape continues to evolve, the options you can use for your SEO strategy also go beyond just Baidu. You may not know, but one of the major players making waves in today’s local industry is Microsoft Bing.

Bing vs Baidu in China

7 Chinese Wellness Market Trends Foreign Brands Should Know

It’s no secret that promoting a healthy lifestyle has always been a solid driving force within the Chinese consumer market. In fact, based on a survey, 73% of local shoppers in China are willing to pay premium prices for products that are beneficial for their mental and physical well-being.

Wellness market in China

7 Tips To Dominate the Chinese Perfume Market [Trends & Insights]

The conclusion of the previous pandemic has noticeably led to rising demand and consumption within the Chinese fragrance market. With local headlines reporting positive market insights and growing perfume sales, international brands are becoming more eager to seize this opportunity.

Chinese Perfume market

Advertising Laws in China: How Does It Affect Your Brand?

No one can deny that the Chinese market is one of the most lucrative business landscapes in the world. Over the years, the country’s growing penetration on local social media and e-commerce channels eventually enticed many foreign brands to start advertising in China.

Advertising laws in China

WeChat vs. WhatsApp: Which is the Best Tool For Your Brand?

Two of the most popular messaging apps many global business owners may have already heard about are WhatsApp and WeChat. These two apps look similar at first glance, but when you utilize them as business tools, their differences often arise.

WeChat vs. WhatsApp

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