10 Latest Xiaohongshu Trends You Should Know [Insights]

Last Updated on June 11, 2024

Gone were the days when Xiaohongshu was exclusively for female users looking for shopping tips and reviews about beauty, fashion, and lifestyle trends. Today, this social media app has evolved into a digital marketplace that caters to diverse interests, from food tutorials to online gaming content.

Little Red Book’s renewed popularity and influence are learning milestones for new brands trying to break into the Chinese digital ecosystem through cross-border e-commerce.

In this post, you’ll discover the latest Xiaohongshu trends, general user interests, and consumer behaviors to help you create a better digital marketing strategy for your new target audience.


What are the New Content Trends on Xiaohongshu?

1.   High Engagement for Travel-related Content

The user interaction rate and number of posts related to the topic 出个远门” or ‘take a trip” surged to 193% in 2023. After the ease of pandemic restrictions, China’s domestic and international tourism markets have gained over $184.50 billion in projected revenue.

Other relevant keywords related to travel and tourism have been gaining massive traction on Xiaohongshu. In fact, topics like Neighborhood Warming (近邻升温) and Authentic Local Flavors (吃地道风味) have seen a noticeable increase in search volume.


travel-related topics on Xiaohongshu

Travel and Tourism Topics on Xiaohongshu’s Search Results


The continued popularity of these Xiaohongshu trends meant that users were no longer just looking for high-quality content. They’re now more keen on engaging with posts showing authentic, first-hand experiences from their fellow consumers.


2.   Stress Management Products and Services

Over the past few years, Chinese Generation Z and Millennial consumers have shown increased interest in health and wellness trends. Stress decompression is one of the latest topic categories currently conquering Xiaohongshu’s user base.

Young people in China face many sources of stress in their daily lives, so they’re now actively seeking activities, lifestyle tips, and products to help them cope. The prevalence of this topic is mainly due to mental health conversations no longer being considered taboo in China’s social media landscape.

In 2023, the hashtag 轻解压 or “Light Destress” increased visibility by 303% on Xiaohongshu’s social search results. Platform users are also seen interacting more with relevant content like decompression videos.


Xiaohongshu posts about stress relief activities

Xiaohongshu posts about stress relief activities and products


3.   Moving Away from Top-tier and Mega KOLs

User-generated content has always been the type of posts Xiaohongshu users naturally gravitated to. Because of this, influencer marketing became the go-to strategy of foreign brands trying to target specific user demographics.

However, like other social media platforms in China, users’ interest in the Xiaohongshu app has already shifted to micro-influencers.

Unlike key opinion leaders, who are seen as experts in their fields and popular internet figures, key opinion consumers (KOCs) are more like regular customers who share raw user experiences.

These micro-influencers are very niche-specific, providing users with content relevant to their interests. Their consumer-like characteristic makes them appear more authentic in the eyes of online consumers.


KOC voting campaign by Little Red Book

KOC voting campaign by Little Red Book (Source: Jing Daily)


The continued popularity of personal image and body diversity among young people in China also drives the popularity of KOCs. They no longer view typical beauty standards as the driving force of their purchases. Instead, they seek influencers who discuss solutions to specific problems and topics.

Little Red Book knew the power of these influencers, so it’s no surprise that it continuously launched campaigns and events promoting these social media personalities.


4.   Xiaohongshu Users Rely on Reviews and Recommendations

Understanding the most popular types of content on Xiaohongshu can provide valuable insights for marketers, influencers, and businesses aiming to leverage this platform for engagement and growth.

Research released in 2022 shows that platform users still trust detailed personal reviews. These content types often include the pros and cons, user experiences, and ratings.


Xiaohongshu TOP10 most popular types of content


Another content trend strongly influencing the platform is user recommendations. These posts could be positive or negative, giving users curated suggestions or warnings about various products and services.

These lists are concise and easy to consume, helping Xiaohongshu users make informed choices faster without reading extensive reviews.


5.   Surge in Body and Beauty Care Searches

While many changes in the platform have driven Xiaohongshu’s revenue through the roof, beauty and lifestyle are still the top categories that generate traffic to the channel.

For instance, the search for body care products surges every September on Xiaohongshu. The latter half of last year even showed a 30% rise in queries. Body lotion and hand cream are particularly popular, with searches for these skincare products increasing by 150%.


Body and Beauty Care Searches on Xiaohongshu


Wearable beauty devices are also emerging as popular cosmetic trends in China. The category’s popularity increased by 262% in early 2023, accompanied by a 313% growth based on related discussions on Xiaohongshu.

These devices have an appeal of convenience, allowing use in various daily activities, and are increasingly popular among consumers seeking innovative, versatile skincare solutions.


6.   Expansion of Xiaohongshu’s Core User Groups

Historically, Xiaohongshu’s user base primarily consisted of young, urban females. However, the platform now sees a significant portion of male users. This shift reflects its broadening appeal across different demographics, not just in terms of gender but also in terms of age and lifestyle interests.​

The increase in male users can be attributed to the platform’s strategy to include more gender-neutral and male-oriented content, such as technology and competitive sports. Even online gaming content is now evident within the Xiaohongshu community.


Video games contents on Xiaohongshu

Video games Content on Xiaohongshu


Meanwhile, the core demographic still heavily leans towards individuals born after the 1990s, comprising about 72% of its user base. Beyond that, most of its online population resides in first-tier and second-tier cities.


7.   Emerging Gen Z Fashion Trends on the Xiaohongshu Platform

The Xiaohongshu platform is initially styled as a consumer-driven visual magazine, making it a prime spot for spotting emerging fashion movements in China.

With their high purchasing power, Gen Z shoppers are proving to be urban trendsetters, covering over 30% of the app’s overall population.

The continued popularity of trends like “gorp-core” (31.2 million views) and “Asian Baby Girl” (14.1 million views) reflects China’s growing Gen Z consumerism. LRB’s rapid content generation features make the constant demand for these novelties inevitable as the local fashion industry evolves.


Emerging Gen Z Fashion Trends on Xiaohongshu

Xiaohongshu users posting unique styles and new fashion trends


8.   Sharing Content about Minimalistic Lifestyle Trends

Luxury brands have long dominated cross-border e-commerce platforms, but did you know that young people in China now prefer minimalistic aesthetics?

Personalized product experiences are replacing high-end consumption. Today, even high-income consumers and UHNWIs lean more toward the quiet luxury trend.

The pandemic and economic challenges have catalyzed this shift, prompting a move towards more practical and goal-oriented purchasing habits.

On Xiaohongshu, content about简法生活” (simplified living) has surged by 242% year over year. It indicates a significant change in young consumers, who now prioritize thoughtful and rational purchasing decisions.


Simple lifestyle trend on Xiaohongshu

Content about Minimalistic Lifestyles on Xiaohongshu


9.   The Rise of KOS Accounts on China’s Social Media Apps

Beyond KOC and KOL marketing, other forms of influential promoters on Xiaohongshu are Key Opinion Sales (KOS) professionals. They manage dedicated accounts where they share updates on new products, fostering deeper, personalized consumer engagement.

The platform has over 100,000 KOS accounts across various sectors, generating nearly 2 million user-generated posts covering thousands of brands.

Furthermore, from January to March 2023, searches related to sales assistants on the platform increased sixfold year-over-year.


Example of KOS LRB Accounts for Loewe, Gucci and Dior

Example of KOS LRB Accounts for Gucci, Loewe and Dior


10.   Quiet Selling Live-Streaming Sessions from Luxury Brands

As you may already know, Chinese consumers of Xiaohongshu are not keen on traditional advertising strategies. Luxury consumers, in particular, are drawn more to immersive, informative livestream sessions rather than bold discount promotions.

The subtle “quiet selling” approach focuses on storytelling and brand experience, distinguishing Xiaohongshu from other platforms. It offers luxury brands a unique method to connect with their audience, enhancing engagement and sales while maintaining brand prestige.

Consider the success of socialite Teresa Cheung. Her first livestream this May captivated over a million viewers and generated over $7 million (50 million RMB) in sales. Five months later, she nearly tripled her initial earnings, with sales surpassing $15.6 million (100 million RMB). That’s how powerful quiet-selling livestreams can be.


Teresa Cheung’s live-stream e-commerce experience on Xiaohongshu

(Source: South China Morning Post)


How to Stay Ahead of the Xiaohongshu Trends

●     Optimize Your Content on Xiaohongshu

One sure thing about content trends in social media apps is that they’re always bound to come back. So, it’s important to add relevant keyword tags to your promotional content.

Remember, over 60% of LRB users search within the platforms daily. This means that users who are searching for keywords or phrases related to your brand and niche are more likely to engage with your content.


●     Follow Key Influencers and Brands in Your Niche

Influencers and key opinion leaders (KOLs) on Xiaohongshu are often at the forefront of new trends. By following these influential users, you can gain early access to emerging trends and insights.

These influencers frequently share their latest discoveries, product reviews, and lifestyle tips, which can help you stay updated with the latest trends.


●     Stay Updated with Xiaohongshu’s Features and Algorithms

Xiaohongshu frequently updates its features and algorithms, impacting content visibility and engagement. Staying informed about these updates can help you optimize your content strategy.

Following official announcements and engaging with platform updates can ensure you leverage new features to their fullest potential.


Your Trusted Xiaohongshu Marketing Partner in China!

Staying ahead of trends in Xiaohongshu requires a willingness to experiment and innovate. Don’t be afraid to try new content formats, themes, and strategies. By being proactive and creative, you can set trends rather than just follow them. Continuous experimentation and adaptation are crucial to maintaining a solid presence on this platform.


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