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Part 3: The Ultimate Guide to WeChat Coupon Ads

Last Updated on July 12, 2023

Greetings WeChat friends and welcome to the 3rd edition of the Ultimate Guide to WeChat ads in which we’ll be taking a closer look at the Coupon ads that have started popping up in WeChat’s Moments section.

This week’s post will give you an in-depth look at the manner in which Coupon ads are distributed on WeChat’s Moments section and how WeChat users can interact with these ads.

To be crystal clear, we’ll only be looking at Coupon ads as seen in the Moments section.
The discount ads that sometimes appear at the bottom of official account articles will be part of our 4th and final edition of the ultimate guide to WeChat ads in which we’ll be discussing WeChat Official Account Ads.

So let’s jump in.

1. What are WeChat Coupon Ads?

Having only been launched back in May of this year, WeChat coupon ads are still relatively new and unknown to most WeChat marketers. Coupon ads are the third type of ad format to be introduced to WeChat’s Moments section in the last 18 months, following in the footsteps of image and video ads.

WeChat coupon ads support text, image and video formats and follow the same payment and targeting rules as the original Moments ads.

Put briefly, WeChat Moments advertisers can target users based on various demographics such as gender, age, location and interests while their advertising efforts are charged on a CPM basis. The CPM differs depending on the ad format (text, image or video) and the geographical areas in which you wish to advertise.

For more information on the cost of WeChat Moments ads and the targeting options they boast, take a look at our 1st edition of the WeChat ads guide which is fully dedicated to Moments ads.

As you can imagine, WeChat coupon ads differ from basic moments ads in the sense that they don’t just serve as a promotional tool. Coupon ads actually give something back to the user whereas Moments ads either promote a brand or serve as a call-to-action.

2. Who should care about WeChat Coupon Ads?

WeChat coupon ads are an interesting advertising option for any brand that wishes to offer discounts on products or services in order to increase sales and conversions. So that’s everyone then, right? Sadly no.

As explained in the ultimate guide to WeChat moments ads, companies that wish to advertise on WeChat moments must invest a minimum budget of 50,000RMB. The same goes for WeChat coupon ads. WeChat moment advertising is certainly more in line with the needs of well-known brands with big advertising budgets rather than medium-sized businesses with limited financial capacities.

Certain industries are also more inclined to embrace coupons as they’re already sold on the idea of discounting. The retail and food service sectors in particular have long been using discounts to attract more customers and increase sales.

3. How do users interact with WeChat Coupon Ads?

WeChat have made it clear from the start that they don’t want the integration of ads within the Moments section to tarnish the user’s experience. This is why they have implemented user-friendly measures such as removing ads from a user’s feed after 6 hours without any interaction or allowing users to turn off individual ads.

Once again, more information on the manner in which WeChat distribute impressions in the Moments section can be found in the 1st edition of the ultimate guide dedicated to Moments Ads.

Moving on from WeChat’s UX concerns, let’s take a look at what happens when a user clicks on a coupon ad in their Moments.

Step 1
: User clicks on “Collect Coupon” text link at the bottom of the ad



Step 2: User is redirected to the coupon page on which he/she can see advertisement and collect coupon


Step 3: User collects coupon


Collected coupons are saved to the user’s WeChat account. At this point it’s important to know that users that have collected a coupon can use the coupon for their own personal use AND share it with their friends on WeChat.
WeChat knows the power of social sharing inside out and this is a great way for brands to reach more users.


Step 4: User goes to “Cards & Offers” underneath “Wallet” in “Me” tab on WeChat


Step 5: User finds collected coupons and coupons offered by friends


Step 6: User uses QR code to redeem coupon at specific venue



There you have it! You now know how WeChat coupon ads are distributed within the Moments section and in which manner users can interact with these ads.

Be sure to pass by next week as we’ll be releasing our fourth and final edition of the Ultimate Guide to WeChat ads in which we’ll be discussing WeChat Official Account Ads.

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