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WeChat(Weixin) Marketing – A fast growing social marketing tool

Last Updated on July 12, 2023

Last 2013, Jan. 23rd, we have introduced how to create an account on Wechat Admin Platform. Now we will see how to convert this account onto an “Official” one. It’s not easy as Weibo or Twitter… WeChat will ask you to reach at least 500 fans before letting you apply for it. Yes five hundreds followers. Don’t worry; Sekkei Studio’s experts will explain to you how to reach what seems to be complicate.
Having an account it’s nice, but having an official account with peoples following you with interest is quite better don’t you think?

How to attract my first 500 fans?

Your account QR code is your best friend!

Start by using all of your current platforms to spread your WeChat QR code by:

  • Integrating it into your Weibo background
  • Posting on BBS and other social media
  • Adding it into your signature
  • Display PPC campaigns
  • Advertising on newspapers and/or magazines
  • And all other unique ideas you may have in mind!


If you don’t have that much platforms, it’s time to start building them. Don’t worry; you will be able to reach these first 500 followers.

Now this is set, we won\’t wait idly; definitely not. Let’s see how to save time in this “500” quest!

Set your account to meet your customer’s expectation:

  1. An attractive account name
  2. An attractive profile photo
  3. Sync to your QQ


1. Add your QQ friends to WeChat

2. Find the places where your potential clients, customers are mostly going. Yes it’s time to stalk at them a little bit.

3. Use Shake Shake functionalities. Stay discreet, you might act weirdly for a uninitiated 😀

4. After using Shake Shake, add the potential fans from the list.

5. They will help you share if you well interact with them.

  • By creating nice contents include your QR code at the bottom, ask your audiences to spread your QR code.
  • Contest: You can also ask them to send their ideas/founds/creations and etc. to you, as a reward, you can offer vouchers, products and other prize.

6. Ask your friends to add it, and so your friends’ friends.

WeChat,your best CRM tool.

Privacy, a major difference between Weibo and WeChat, can be considered as either advantage or disadvantage.



On Weibo, information can be spread quickly if it interests people, on the other hand, this strength can become uncontrollable. An unhappy customer for example…

WeChat let you manage your communication, the same unhappy customer will only talk with you, not with all you community.

Each Social Network is different, understand them and manage them correctly is necessary.


WeChat (Weixin) is based on instant messaging system (like QQ or Twitter) between you and your fans, and these conversations remain confidential – unless you or your fan spread it out.

Managing your e-reputation on the Chinese Internet must remain your priority in any case. But it refers to another topic that we will discuss to another post. You can also contact them if you are impatient. 🙂

Let’s highlight the previous situation we had explain above:


Your Client: Only 2 days since I’ve bought your product, and it is broken?!!! WTF @YOURWEIBO

All these followers can see the official page, and obviously its wall posts. Let’s imagine this post is commented and forwarded? Soon, this post will accumulate 500 forwards and 200 comments. Hard to imagine, but common story.


Your Client: Only 2 days since I’ve bought your product, and it is broken?!!! WTF

You: Can you please tell us your address; we will come over your place and replace it with a new one. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Conversation between you two remains confidential. The crisis had being controlled.

See the difference?

How to keep an interactive fans database?

Personalized automatic reply when people add your account. Of course you can use words, like a sentence I mean, but it’s also possible to use voices, pictures or videos as welcome message!


Whatever you decide to use, you should keep in mind to create something quite light – it will be displayed faster and save your fans mobile some data.

Other great tools are offer by WeChat backend, like setting an automatic reply based on keyword:


For example,

After people add you, the automatic reply of adding you shows:

Thanks for adding Sekkei Studio, your favorite digital agency in Shanghai! How can we help you to improve your business? Please send back the number you want:

  1. Web Design
  2. Web Development
  3. Web Marketing
  4. APP Development
  5. etc.

You understood, when the fan’s answer is “1”, it will introduce our Web Design services.

The best thing is that you can choose what to reply automatically. For example, while your friends asking for “Best designs”, your account sent back a picture you previously set. The rule is to define your rules and show your friends the guideline in an appropriate way.

Online to Offline, what you can imagine?

LBS, which is the most practical function for WeChat Marketing. Imagine you are a chain stores brand owner, while a fan is close to your store; your WeChat account automatically pushes a message to them telling: latest promotions or whatever your strategy is!

Many other features can be set with the “Developers Mode”. You can custom your menus, receive more types of messages etc.

For example, if you are a chain stores brand, asking your friends to send their locations to you, and you will send the closest store to them automatically – that is one good user experience. In addition, promotion information of each store included into the list – or after your friends select one store, it would be much helpful.

An Official Account – validated by WeChat, give you access to many great features! Like member cards for your fans, and let your VIP fans enjoy promotion and a privilege.

We hope this tutorial highlighted and helped you!

Sekkei Studio is expert in Social Account Management in China. E-Marketing on WeChat (Weixin) is one of the Chinese Social Networks we focus on.

Do not hesitate to contact us; Michael will be pleased to take care of social network strategy!


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