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Top Search Engines in China 2015

Last Updated on May 26, 2023

Top Search Engines in China – What Are The Most Used Search Engines In 2015?

Source: EnfoDesk – End 2014. – Top search engines in term of revenue.

China-Search-Market-2015Search Engines in China – end 2014


Baidu: 79.45%

Google China: 12.04%

Sougou: 5.53%

Other: 2.98%


Baidu百度, Inc. , pronounced “BY-doo” in English, was founded in 2000 – its CEO is Robin Li. Before creating the 80% market share search engine in China, he surprisingly has worked for another Internet search company as a staff engineer: Infoseek.

In 2015 Baidu is clearly the leading search engine in China.

Google : Created by Larry Page and his friend Sergey Brin two years before Baidu, it has become the worldwide online search leader, holding by the way several others companies such as Youtube or AdMob. Globally Google catches around 70% of global online search. In China Google is “only” involved in 12.04% of search.

Sougou: Founded in 2004, Sogou takes 5.53% of chinese online search at the end of 2014.


The Particular Yahoo/Bing Alliance

Yahoo and Bing agreed in 2010 on a search deal aiming to centralize search results coming from their respective search engines. Latest news show this alliance would take end in a near future.


Google – Target Of China’s Censorship  

The China’ “Great Firewall” remains a significant concern, especially as it prevents chinese internet users from accessing useful services such as Google maps, Gmail or even Google Drive and Youtube. Still, the search engine can still be accessed through the domain extension.


What makes Baidu So Different Than Its Western Counterpart Google?

Baidu has much better and natural understanding of its core-target, since it’s founder is Chinese. It also can deal with Chinese advertisers a much more spontaneous way.


\"CEO-BaiduBaidu CEO Robin Li in 2014


During last year Q&A Baidu session, Robin Li was invited to discuss whether or not and to which extent Baidu take its inspiration from Google. His explanations were based on the fact that Baidu focus more on the user than his American rival.

At Sekkei Studio, we keep on thinking Baidu follows Google in almost every of its key steps – Recently Baidu announcement even related a brand new self-driving car – It seems Google also did something similar in the past..

Learn more about Baidu –

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