WeChat CRM: The New Era of Consumer Marketing on WeChat

Last Updated on April 25, 2023

While China still represents a big growth opportunity for brands entering the market, brands need to be more measured and focus on delivering experiences to create authentic customer value. Brands continue to expect significant growth, but don’t utilize the tools that will help them properly achieve that goal. The future of customer service stems from smart targeting and convenience—online and off. And what better way for companies that are looking for the best ROI than to engage and interact directly with their user base via Social CRM.

Social CRM is considered the next frontier for brands that want to utilize the power of social interactions to be in the moment and engage with their customers. Whether you\’re a new startup or about to hit skyrocketing growth, you\’re managing relationships. Most brands see the value in creating a deeper connection with their customers to truly get in touch with their needs. There are a wide range of CRM tools brands can use to facilitate a personalized consumer connection and understanding how this works will help you connect with your customers using the most effective approach.


What is WeChat CRM?

WeChat has over 20 million official accounts and to take full advantage of this growth, many third party tools have come into play, offering a wide range of functions to optimize the platform. One of these tools is known as WeChat CRM. WeChat CRMs are a part of the Social CRM group, which is a combination of social media services and technology to help brands understand and streamline the customer journey. Brands that are able to use these tools effectively can build customer loyalty and raise conversions while improving their overall user experience.


How To Use Wechat CRM For Marketing

Understanding the Customer Journey

Customer journey mapping tells you the full story about your users and should be the cornerstone of your CRM process. It can be difficult trying to figure out where to start when marketing on WeChat, which is why understanding the ins and outs of WeChat CRM should be a priority for your WeChat marketing. It’s a game-changing addition to any company for boosting sales and creating unique customer relationships while giving you a detailed map of how to market your products and services.



Through social CRM, brands become better informed through a number of indicators such as the most relevant entry points, the weight of different marketing activities, the impact of influencers, and socio-demographic data.  You can easily observe customer buying behaviors, pinpoint the exact location of relevant conversations, and distribute special deals and offers to nearby consumers. In a country where friction-free shopping is a standard, taking advantage of these types of marketing strategies will keep you ahead of the competition.


The Power of Segmentation

Your WeChat audience all visit your brand for different reasons and catering to their specific needs will enable you to market the right services to the right demographics. What many brands are unaware of is that the segmentation breakdown on a CRM is extremely detailed.  On a basic level, WeChat CRM can segment followers by gender, age, location and interactions. In addition, WeChat CRM also offers insights on how users come into contact with your account whether it’s from a QR code scan or contact card shared from a friend. You can even get creative with contests and campaigns to have a better understanding of the relevancy to the reader. You can play around with this data to set goals, build on existing strategies and repeat once you have proven steps that work.




Once data is segmented, you can prioritize different user groups based on engagement. You can gather which followers came through an offline event or KOL posting through QR codes, which can be customized from the welcome message to even the language display.  Data on menu responses or user article preference can give you direct insight into what your customers are interested in. Segmenting campaigns and contest results are also great ways to gauge user participation and follower engagement. Segmentation can even be broken down by time of day, so you can test and target the most effective time to send a push notification. Understanding these consumer characteristics and behavior patterns help brands design and customize campaigns tailored for specific groups within their target audience.


How does WeChat CRM benefit your Brand?

Brands can now breakdown their customer’s interests even more effectively with targeted messaging based on their interests and ensure that content resonates with their audience from the very beginning. The same information is accessible to anyone within your company. No matter where your customers are talking about your brand, you can quickly respond to them while collecting personal data. You’ll be able to provide full support tailored to their experience while strengthening their loyalty to your brand.


Brands can gain a comprehensive view of their audience, deliver highly targeted content, and offer the best customer support. It’s a perfect merging of data that fuels your marketing strategy and delivers results that are proven to increase a user’s overall engagement rate. The marketing dynamics in China continue to get more competitive and consumers are becoming more mature. Brands have to stay on top of consumer behavior through adapting the right engagement techniques to gain new customers and secure potential customers through remarketing tactics. And one of most effective ways to perfect marketing strategies on WeChat stems from customer mapping and user segmentation via social CRM.


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