Best CRM platforms for brands in China

Finding the Right CRM in China: Best Platforms For Your Brand

Last Updated on May 20, 2024

Customer satisfaction is one of the most crucial elements of business growth, especially within the Chinese market. Since around 76.4% of local consumers in China are digitally connected, they expect prompt and personal communication from the brands they plan to patronize.

Consistent customer interactions can be challenging to manage while executing daily business processes. If you want a more streamlined workflow, the best solution is to get your digital marketing strategies fully integrated within reliable CRM tools.

In this post, we’ll help you find the right Chinese CRM software for your specific business needs and explore how foreign companies can utilize these tools for better customer data management.


What is a CRM platform?

Customer Relation Management (CRM) systems often serve as the company’s backbone for managing and centralizing the customer lifecycle. The real-time data collection from CRM software allows marketers to anticipate sales and market trends, monitor potential leads, and delve deeper into client insights.

Typically, the platforms in China’s CRM market offer digital marketing and sales automation tools to make business operations more convenient and seamless. Through this,  brands can better understand their consumer base and adjust their performance metrics when marketing to the Chinese market.


Best Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems in China

1.   Yonyou CRM


Yonyou CRM China logo


This CRM software was released way back in 2008, equipped with advanced cloud computing technology. Chinese SMEs rely on this tool because of its compatibility with different social media platforms like WeChat, QQ, and many more.

Besides managing customer relationships, Yonyou CRM usability expands from financial and office automation to human resources and employee management.

Although its main headquarters is in Beijing, it’s a popular tool in the global CRM market. In fact, most of its solutions are focused on the needs of both Western and Asian businesses.


Yonyou's services overview

Yonyou overview (Source: Yonyou)


2.   NeoCRM (Xiaoshouyi) Sales Cloud


NeoCRM logo


The Xiaoshouyi CRM software was established in 2011, but its rise within the SaaS market didn’t blow up until 2019. When Alibaba announced its partnership with the biggest CRM system in China, Tencent challenged its rival and gave this platform an investment of $120 million.

This CRM software has extensive industry experience in online customer service, allowing it to support different business processes from marketing to sales. During the mobile internet era, the system gained consistent support from large and medium companies like Commercial Bank of China and Matrix Partners China.

Beyond the Chinese market, it has also become a prominent tool to manage customer relations for global clients within various industries like Lenovo and other Fortune 500 companies.


NeoCRM backend example

Example of Neocrm’s backend (Source: Neocrm)


3.   Fxiaoke


Fxiaoke CRM logo


Because CRM software integration is closely related to customer satisfaction, it’s unsurprising that most systems do not come in a budget-friendly price range. Fortunately, that’s not the case for Fxiaoke.

Besides being more affordable than other CRM tools, their service-based offerings cover internal and external business lifecycles, including sales and marketing.

Due to its cost-effective model, numerous small-scale and micro-businesses have adopted Fxiaoke CRM. Its partnership with major clients such as Tenda Technology solidified its presence in the CRM market until now.

Fxiaoke CRM backend

Example of Fxiaoke’s backend and its leads and data collection from to a form (Source: Fxiaoke)


4.   Tencent Qidian

Tencent qidian CRM logo

Tencent Qidian is a social CRM software launched by Tencent in 2002. It’s powered by cloud computing technology, allowing it to operate seamlessly within Tencent’s digital ecosystem.

This CRM system is highly sought-after within the international and Chinese markets because of its ability to centralize and collect data from QQ, WeChat, Tencent Cloud, and other social media channels.

Since email channels are ineffective in the Chinese market, many companies rely on the data from Tencent Qidian to obtain valuable feedback and increase customer satisfaction.


Tencent qidian CRM backend example

Example of Tencent Qidian backend for clients’ management (Source: Tencent Qidian)


5.   WeChat CRM Mini Program

WeChat is one of China’s top social media platforms, but did you know it also includes mini apps that you can configure with social customer relationship management tools? Depending on your desired features and allocated budget, here are some of the options you can consider:


●     Youzan (有赞)


Youzan Chinese CRM logo


Key Features:

  • Basic WeChat backend functions
  • WeChat shop order management system
  • Schedule posting time
  • Auto-reply webpage articles
  • Can connect with Weibo


Youzan Chinese CRM backend

Example of Youzan’s backend


Youzan is a reliable CRM software option that boasts full WeChat integration and access to its sleek library of shop templates. It also has a convenient data analytics backend that allows you to monitor the performance of your WeChat store, including valuable customer data like purchase amount, gender, location, and user behavior.

The ability to execute mass data collection from existing clients makes Youzan a well-rounded CRM software suitable to support your WeChat marketing strategies.

This CRM system allows you to send targeted messages based on your market needs. It’s designed explicitly for the WeChat platform with nearly 100 marketing tools, such as a mini-game and coupon function.

You can also create posts with automatic replies through this CRM. Because of this, Youzan is more suitable for a business that needs an automated sales function.


●     Drip (水滴)


Drip CRM China logo


Key Features:

  • Basic WeChat backend functions
  • API is flexible
  • Receive customer messages directly on WeChat
  • HTML5 catalogs
  • Personalized campaigns
  • WeChat Store Function
  • Custom development for mini programs


Drip CRM China backend

Example of Drip’s backend and navigation set up (Source: Drip)


Drip gained popularity in the Chinese CRM market precisely because of its WeChat backend management functions and full integration into the platform’s ecosystem.

Non-Chinese companies can rely on this WeChat CRM software for simple webpage creation and backend navigation. It has an easy interface helps you manage customer information and post articles.

Drip also has many advanced functions, including managing multiple QR codes and creating web pages that offer users coupons.

Even if you don’t have any programming experience, this WeChat CRM integration allows you to create mobile landing pages with forms.


●     Weimob (微盟)

Weimob Chinese CRM logo

Key Features:

  • WeChat backend management
  • WeChat mini-site templates
  • VIP member management
  • WeChat shop
  • Personalized messaging


Weimob Chinese CRM backend

Example of Weimob’s backend


Among the WeChat CRM platform solutions included in this list, Weimob is undoubtedly the largest provider in the market. It stands out from competitors because it offers cloud services and integrated marketing solutions to small-to-medium-sized enterprises.

Its clientele ranges from hotels, food & beverages, and many offline businesses interested in leveraging WeChat for consumer-centered processes.

One of the drawbacks we noticed from this WeChat CRM solution is its highly specific industry templates. On top of that, the backend can be complicated to navigate, and the platform has been considered buggy, considering all the templates and features it supports. Nevertheless, Weimob is an affordable enterprise solution to manage WeChat.


●     Parllay CRM


Parllay Chinese CRM logo


Key Features:

  • Multi-channel engagement
  • WeChat QR code tracking
  • WeChat user behavior
  • User tag automation
  • Predictive segmentation


Parllay Chinese CRM backend


Parllay is a certified official WeChat developer specializing in helping clients identify essential data patterns and trends to improve customer retention. This system emphasizes big data and has delivered exceptional results for clients, including Microsoft.

One of the reasons why this CRM software is so popular is its multiple API enterprises connecting with other mainstream platforms such as Salesforce.

You can also interact with followers easily by creating personalized replies and accurate group messaging across different Chinese platforms. The customer analysis from this WeChat CRM platform solution includes click history conversion rates and social patterns.


●     JingSocial

JINGsocial Chinese CRM logo

Key Features:

  • QR code generation & management
  • Advanced chatbots
  • H5 & SSO integration
  • In-depth user analysis
  • O2O tracking


JINGsocial Chinese CRM backend

Example of JINGsocial CRM backend


JingSocial was developed to remove the manual process and create a streamlined approach from marketing to sales conversion within WeChat.

This system utilizes API connections to measure engagement rates from loyal customers. Your sales team can interact with potential leads via the company portal without using personal accounts. With its advanced chatbot system, engagement with customers can be done in real time.

Overall, JingSocial does an excellent job of nurturing customer relations and offering personalized content when necessary.


Other Global CRM Systems Available in China

Unlike social media channels, finding the right CRM for your business doesn’t restrict you to local options. Typically, larger companies planning to expand in China opt for international systems for better customer support and streamlined processes. Here are some of your options:

Zoho CRM


Zoho CRM logo


Launched in 2005 by an innovative Indian company, Zoho CRM has quickly become a favorite amongst small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). In China, this software is distributed by Baihui.

It’s a CRM system specifically designed to optimize business workflows around sales, marketing, and customer support. You can also count on it to house client information, produce tailor-made reports, and analyze a company’s operational success. Users of this platform can effortlessly organize contacts, monitor prospective leads, and transition them into conversions.


SAP Customer Experience (CX)


SAP Customer Experience logo


SAP Customer Experience, commonly known as SAP CX, is a renowned enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.

Although it didn’t originate from China, it stands out for its remarkable adaptability, scalability, swift forecasting, and analytical capabilities. The range of data it can produce makes it a reliable tool for adjusting marketing metrics and maintaining customer loyalty within the local market.


Salesforce Customer 360


Salesforce Customer 360 CRM logo


Salesforce Customer 360 is undoubtedly the most extensive CRM system in the world. Even in China, the software has the highest market share and beats local CRMs by a substantial margin.

Alibaba Group invested in the platform in 2019 thanks to its massive database and innovative features. Today, Salesforce Customer 360 is the go-to CRM solution for global businesses looking to enter the Chinese market.

It seamlessly integrates with pivotal systems like order management systems (OMS) and product information management (PIM). On top of that, it supports local payment gateways, like WeChat Pay and AliPay.

Given that it’s connected with Alibaba Cloud, using it not only ensures scalability and optimal performance but also adherence to regional regulatory and data security standards.

Why Should You Use a CRM System for Your Business Operations

CRMs serve as practical tools to navigate the changing consumer needs and expectations within the Chinese business scene. While the initial thought of setting it up might seem like a daunting investment in both time and money, here are the long-term benefits your brand can gain from these platforms:

  • It enables the swift collection and response to customer feedback, suggestions, or grievances, promptly addressing their needs.
  • It streamlines and standardizes operational workflows across marketing, sales, and customer support sectors.
  • It comes equipped with powerful analytical tools that provide valuable real-time data insights.
  • It helps marketers gain access to insightful data that sheds light on sales patterns and trends.
  • It allows businesses to tailor their strategies effectively to meet customer needs and enhance brand loyalty.

Quick Q&A

1.    What is the most popular CRM in China?

The most popular CRM in China is Salesforce Customer 360, with over 9% of the SaaS market share in China. It was followed by Tencent and Kingdee. However, 80% of the market covers CRM providers, with a share of under 1.4%. It’s also worth noting that most local businesses in China utilize Chinese CRM platforms.

2.    What is the market share of CRM in China?

The overall market share of the CRM segment in China reach around $4.45 billion in 2023. Given the continued innovation of local providers and the growing business sector, it’s expected to expand by 19.27% yearly. By 2028, the market volume is expected to balloon to $10.74 billion.

3.    Is Salesforce used in China?

Yes, Salesforce is used by companies in China. The partnership with Alibaba gave the platform an edge for secured infrastructure and management solutions that align with the specific needs of the local customers.


Your Trusted Digital Marketing Partner In China!

As CRMs gain more attention and social platforms continue to rise, investing in the right management software is becoming more crucial for foreign brands entering the Chinese market. It can help turn your business processes around, but using these tools requires in-depth knowledge and expertise.

Don’t let the complexities of the CRM market hold you back! Our experienced team is here to guide you through every twist and turn, unlocking your brand’s full potential and ensuring resounding success in China’s dynamic business landscape.


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