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Setting up a Weimob WeChat Store [Step-by-Step Guide]

Last Updated on June 11, 2024

WeChat remains the core of China’s social networking landscape. And thanks to its e-commerce features, international brands can sell their offerings to digitally connected Chinese customers.

If you want to create a WeChat store for your business, you have the option to use third-party CRM systems like Weimob. Through this platform, marketers can customize their in-app virtual storefronts according to the needs of their target audience to generate more engagement and maintain customer satisfaction.

Read along as we discuss the process of opening a Weimob WeChat store for your business and other factors you should consider for a successful launch.


What is Weimob (微盟)?

Weimob is a commerce and marketing solutions provider that offers companies SaaS products to fit the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises operating within the Chinese market. Its Wei Mall feature caters to virtual store-opening requirements for social commerce channels like WeChat and Xiaohongshu.

Tencent, the same company that owns WeChat, is one of Weimob’s leading investors in 2024. Because of this, it’s not surprising that most of its services are based on the super app’s ecosystem.


Weimob website homepage


Besides setting up and customizing a WeChat shop, Weimob’s Commerce Cloud allows foreign brands to manage their official account and launch advertising campaigns to attract users within this social media app. This WeChat store provider also relies on Tencent Cloud services to develop and provide tools for industries such as commercial real estate, shopping centers, cross-border businesses, and online retail.


How to Open a WeChat Shop using Weimob

1.    Set up a Weimob Account

Before you can access Weimob’s WeChat Store services, you must register an account directly on its official website. The first method to create an account is to provide a mobile number and enter the verification code sent to your device.

Next, you’ll be asked to enter specific business details, including your company name and business registration number. This step is crucial as it verifies your enterprise’s legitimacy, which is required for operating an e-commerce store in the Chinese market.


Weimob registration options

Weimob’s Registration Methods


The second one is through a WeChat login. You must open your WeChat account through a mobile device and scan the QR codes shown on the screen.

After scanning the QR code from the WeChat platform, your mobile device will be redirected to Weimob’s homepage. Through this, you can freely explore its virtual store setups and other services.

Besides WeChat official accounts, Weimob can also be integrated into your brand’s mini-programs. You can utilize it for membership management, customer service, online booking or orders, social media promotions, live streaming, and other e-commerce requirements.


Social CRM China


2.    Design and customize your WeChat Store

Weimob offers a range of customization options for your WeChat store. You can choose from various templates and design elements to match your brand’s aesthetics. Remember, your storefront’s visuals and navigation impact how your customers perceive and interact with your offerings.

Select a template that matches your brand identity and the expectations of your target audience. For example, you can align your store’s design with upcoming local festivals by including promos and vouchers to entice WeChat users to make a purchase.

WeChat shops must also consistently incorporate a brand logo, tagline, and other distinctive elements on every page. Maintaining a coherent layout helps build trust with your customers and increases retention.


Weimob’s Backend Customization

Screenshot of Weimob’s backend


When it comes to online shopping, WeChat users value convenience. With this preference in mind, your store should prioritize ease of use, with intuitive navigation and quick access to important sections like product categories, special offers, and support services.

Weimob provides features like search bars, product filters, and category lists to enhance user engagement and satisfaction within your WeChat shop.

Your product pages should also include proper descriptions and keywords to make them more discoverable to the app’s general users, even if they’re not your regular WeChat followers.


Duckhorn’s WeChat Store Creation


3.    Configure local payment options in your WeChat Mini Shop

As you prepare to sell to WeChat users, you should remember that they expect a seamless mobile payment process when they shop online. This means they’re more likely to purchase from stores that accept fees through an e-wallet feature or QR code.

The main payment feature Chinese consumers use in this social messaging app is WeChat Pay. However, you must ensure that you have a WeChat official account registered as a business, not a personal account. This allows access to merchant features.

Through the platform’s cross-border payment solution, international businesses can receive payments in RMB from a WeChat wallet, which is then converted into foreign currency and settled in their overseas bank account.


WeChat pay & Alipay


WeChat payments also allow other local e-wallet features like Alipay. All you need to do is enter your Alipay API keys into Weimob’s payment system settings.

Before launching your WeChat shop, thoroughly test the payment systems to ensure that transactions can be processed smoothly. This step includes verifying that payments can be made through both WeChat Pay and Alipay and ensuring that the funds are correctly sent to your bank account.


4.    Launch promotions for your WeChat Store

Beyond designing your WeChat shop, Weimob supports different promotional tools to enhance the visibility of your official account and virtual storefront. Here are some of the strategies you can try:


●      Collaborating with KOLs and utilizing live streams

Weimob supports live streaming within WeChat, which is a dynamic way to engage with customers in real time. You can utilize this medium to showcase products, demonstrate their use, and interact directly with viewers.

You can also take advantage of this feature by collaborating with Key Opinion Leaders. These people typically have their own WeChat official accounts and Channels, which they use to influence the purchasing decisions of their followers.

Working with KOLs, especially those who specialize in your industry and are highly known by your target market, can help you reach a larger, more engaged audience.


WeChat channels KOLs collaboration


●      Building private traffic for WeChat Stores

Private traffic refers to the direct and reusable communication channels a business establishes with its customers, such as WeChat groups or personalized instant messaging.

Weimob enables businesses to cultivate these relationships by providing tools for managing customer data and sending targeted messages.

For instance, businesses can use Weimob to send personalized offers or updates to specific customer segments based on their previous purchasing behavior or engagement levels.

Creating loyalty programs or VIP groups can also enhance customer retention and encourage repeat purchases on your WeChat shop.


WeChat messaging


●      Online-to-Offline (O2O) Campaigns

O2O marketing strategies are particularly effective in a market like China, where digital platforms seamlessly integrate with physical retail experiences.

Businesses can use Weimob to create and manage promotions that start online and lead to in-store activities. These campaigns can be exclusive in-store discounts for customers who engage with the online store or special events that customers must register for through the WeChat shop.



5.    Manage orders and customer service through Weimob

Managing orders and customer service efficiently is crucial for the success of any e-commerce platform, including a WeChat shop or mini-program. Fortunately, Weimob provides tools designed specifically to streamline these processes.

Through this local CRM solution, WeChat stores can automatically capture and record order details. It helps reduce human error and speeds up the order management process.

For example, hotel businesses can create a WeChat mini-program using Weimob with features like online room booking, VIP membership management, and virtual customer service.

For retail brands, whenever an order is placed in your WeChat store, Weimob updates your inventory in real time. This feature ensures that the stock levels shown to customers are always accurate, preventing overselling and helping you manage restocking more efficiently.


6.    Take advantage of Weimob’s analytics tools

You must regularly update content, promotions, and products to keep your store fresh and engaging. As you do this, you can leverage Weimob’s analytics tools to track user behavior and identify areas for improvement for your WeChat store.

Constant testing of different design elements can help you understand what works best for your audience, allowing for optimized conversions and customer retention.

Weimob’s analytics backend enables you to monitor various performance metrics such as sales data, customer engagement, and the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. This is essential for making data-driven decisions to improve your WeChat store.

How much does Weimob WeChat CRM cost?

Managing WeChat stores through Weimob costs around 10,000 RMB to 30,000 RMB annually. This subscription-based payment will depend on the specific features and scale of services your business requires.

This fee structure accommodates a range of functionalities tailored to enhancing your WeChat store’s capabilities, including basic backend management, WeChat website templates, VIP member management, targeted messaging, and data analytics tools.


Why use Weimob CRM to open WeChat stores?

●      Identifying Target Audience on the WeChat App

By integrating Weimob into your WeChat store, you can leverage extensive data analytics to identify and target specific audience segments. It allows for the precise customization of promotions based on user behavior, preferences, and engagement.

With a highly targeted marketing strategy, you can enhance lead generation effectiveness by reaching the right audience and increasing the likelihood of sales conversions with properly optimized content.

●      VIP Member Management

VIP member management is an integral part of maintaining a presence in WeChat’s ecosystem, especially if you intend to attract high-net-worth individuals. These consumers expect exclusive deals and promotions from the brand they’re patronizing.

Weimob can help you facilitate the creation of personalized experiences for these VIP members. Its system is specifically dedicated to efficiently tracking and managing membership benefits, including discounts, special offers, and loyalty points.

With Weimob CRM, businesses can automate various aspects of the VIP member management process, from initial member registration to customer service communication.


Is Weimob the best option for your WeChat Store?

While some brands can opt for custom API integration and not rely on third-party apps, the reality is that Weimob offers convenient solutions for the creation and management of WeChat shops and mini-programs.

This service is highly industry-specific. One look at its service page, and you’ll see that it offers personalized solutions exclusively for businesses such as hotels, beauty brands, F&B businesses, and tourism-related enterprises.

If your company falls under these categories and you’re keen on using your WeChat account to promote your offerings in the Chinese market, then Weimob is a great option to consider.


Your Trusted WeChat Marketing Partner in the Chinese Market!

Launching your own WeChat store from scratch can be daunting at first, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the ins and outs of this super app. Fortunately for you, CRMs like Weimob are fully equipped with tools meant to improve customer engagement and brand visibility.


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